Friday Funny 286: Lazy

>> Friday, February 24, 2012

True laziness is a gift. These people have it.

That last one is pretty lazy... but the winner is.....


trimybest 7:22 AM, February 24, 2012  

Man a couple of those are pure genius!

Carolina John 7:47 AM, February 24, 2012  

yea sitting down to pee is just plain crazy.

Unknown 9:11 AM, February 24, 2012  

Chopsticks, ATV-mower, and the hang-bag-nap were brilliant.

Also, I think maybe the sideways TV guy was on to something.

Coy Martinez 9:47 AM, February 24, 2012  

The escalator up to the gym takes the cake. mmmm, maybe the guy lying sideways with the tv.

B. Kramer 10:18 AM, February 24, 2012  

I think I got an astigmatism from watching TV lying down. Had I turned the TV sideways as well, maybe my eyes would be better. Cheers!

Mr. A 11:33 PM, February 26, 2012  

So just pointing this out so you an all of your readers know.

It's regarding the picture of the lady pushing the stroller. Might be worth a read so you know the truth behind that one.

The rest of the pictures are fine... love the sleeping one, genius!

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