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>> Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I made the following video for my wife for Valentine's Day. I don't expect most of you to watch this, but for those that WANT to, here's nearly 15 minutes of our cute little Henry from birth through his 8 month birthday:

Direct link:


1:00 mark: He spent the better part of 6 weeks - 16 weeks like that. We didn't take many videos of him crying, but he did a LOT of that.
2:24 mark: That was his first real giggles!
5:12 mark: His first attempt at solid food.
7:35 mark: This is one of my favorite videos! He just falls over and then starts talking. So cute!
8:39 mark: Henry has a BIG GAG. He does this every time he eats solid food.
9:40 mark: Henry makes fart noises on my shoulder. Funny guy!
12:00 mark: We play like this a lot! :)
12:27 mark: Baby butt! I repeat: BABY BUTT!!!
13:57 mark: The last 2 "bye-bye" clips were on his 8 month birthday. He just started to wave bye-bye earlier that day! (First to Pharmie's friends, and then to my Dad.)

I think Pharmie's grateful that THIS clip did NOT make it into the last video. It's Henry running his fingers through my chest hair as he often does...

Direct link:
BIG yank at the 6 second mark. :)

Well, after class tonight, I think Pharmie and I are going to have a Valentine's Day drink.

I like mojitos (as noted from our 2009 trip to Cozumel), but don't worry - I won't go overboard. I'll just have one.

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p.p.s. Sorry I just said "deets."


Kim 2:42 PM, February 14, 2012  

um that liquor store is right around the corner from me!!!

TriMOEngr 2:47 PM, February 14, 2012  

I watched the whole video. Got a little teary thinking about how I wish I had taken more video of both of my kids when they were this age. Now my Henry's laughter is so loud and obnoxious that it is hardly what I would call "cute", but baby giggles are too precious. Though I'm sure you hear it all the time, cherish this time as they go so fast.

Wendy 3:21 PM, February 14, 2012  

Love the video of Henry! What a wonderful, compassionate gift for your wife!

The hub did this for me-

and we're hoping next year we'll have a wee one to hang with on Valentine's Day :-)

Best to you and your family!

Unknown 3:28 PM, February 14, 2012  

i cannot wait to watch the video (at work, can't now)

love me some henry. are you against arranged marriages because i have a 3 year old daughter that is fantastic!! ;)

tim 5:17 PM, February 14, 2012  

Fun video--the thing I found the most entertaining was listening to you and Pharmie talking. I've been reading your blog for a couple years now, but never really thought about what your voice/mid-west accent sounded like. Brings a whole new light to the reading!

Steve Stenzel 8:30 PM, February 14, 2012  

Thanks everyone!

Kim, really!? That's funny!

TriMOEngr, I can't wait until our Henry gets bigger, but I'm sure I'll miss this time!

Wendy, what a gift! :)

Jen, I'm not AGAINST pre-arranged marriages. But could your daughter handle her in-laws? ;)

Tim, I'm really "Dadding it up" in the video... I don't normally sound QUITE as high-pitched and excitable. Although if you're hearing a mid-western accent, that's still there when I talk normally. :)

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