Unsupported "Just For Fun" Iron-Distance Race This Weekend

>> Thursday, February 09, 2012

Someone contacted me a few weeks ago. It was Cory Foulk who I'd posted about before when he did Ironman Hawaii on a FIXIE! Many people think he's crazy. I like his attitude. Here was the bike he rode in IM Kona in 2009:

He only added the ZIPP wheel to "blend in" and not get noticed.

And in 1996, he did Kona like this:

Frustrated by finding the Hawaii Ironman crowd "too serious," Cory Foulk decided to make a statement, that is, you don't need ten grand to do the race. How did he prove it? By riding a 61 pound single speed beach cruiser, barefoot, with ten pounds of Jolly Ranchers on board.

Anyway, here's a link to my complete post from 2 years ago talking more about Cory and his Kona exploits.

Recently, Cory sent me this note:

hey steve -

i am the guy who did IMH on a fixie. i just wanted to say happy new year, and to invite you and your readers over to kona in february for a bamboo ironman event.

the original ironman hawaii was held in february until 1982, during which they held one in february and one in october. from there on they have all been held on the first full moon saturday in october. some friends and i used to host a free ironman the weekend before IMH, for friends spouses and kooks, no cut-off times, no banquets, no shirts. official unofficial times. the record as recall was a guy from argentina that finished thursday [the event started on saturday]. nicely done!

anyway, an old rival of mine [and friend] and another long time triathlete hosted an entry fee free ironman and half ironman last february, it was the funnest ever. bamboo bike racks in the transition area, no rules, some aid stations but not many [there are a lot of convenience stores along the route today that were not there 30 years ago]. this year it is held on february 12th. no entry fee, but if you donate an amount equal to the first IM entry fee in kona [$68} you will get a shirt and other goodies. teams, relays, partials [just do one or two sports] welcome. there will be a division for no wetsuits and steel bikes without aerobars. i intend to to it barefooted, without goggles, on my steel fixie with regular rims. that is barefoot swim, bike and run legs. anything goes!

the weather here is incredible in february, warm and clear and sunny. same wind on the queen k, sorry. but a great way to get out of the great lakes area and thaw out!

if anyone is burned out and always talking about how commercial triathlon has gotten, then this sort of event is for you!


aloha pumehana,

cory foulk

The best line from their website siting their rules might be this one: "Large and Unusual Swim Caps (Cowman Horns) ALLOWED." This SOUNDS like my kind of race! However, I'm not in shape enough for an IM or HIM distance race. And I can't just jot off to Hawaii this weekend... Dang.

So if YOU are in Hawaii this weekend, look for this unsupported IM race going on! And if you see someone doing it all barefoot, say "Hi" from Steve in a Speedo to him for me - it's probably Cory.

Have fun, Cory! I know you will!.... :)

p.s. If you're intrigued, here are 2 different Slowtwitch articles about Cory: "Cory Foulk hears a different drummer" and "Cory Foulk’s wild rides."


Carolina John 7:23 AM, February 09, 2012  

An unsupported untimed ironman? challenge accepted!

TriMOEngr 8:58 AM, February 09, 2012  

Sounds like your kind of guy. I love that you (and Cory) don't take triathlon (or life for that matter) so seriously. We really do this to have FUN! I know we all wish we could do this fun race.

Jennifer 11:32 AM, February 09, 2012  

This is the kind of shit that makes my heart SING!!!!! This is awesome! Rock-freaking-on.

triguyjt 11:54 AM, February 09, 2012  

Having been in the sport since 85, I agree with Cory...it would be my kinda race..That's why being in ultra trail races connect. The Fat Ass races.. Informal..not corporate...Let's have fun... Good luck to anyone taking this on.. Load up on Twizzlers..ha!

Anonymous,  6:53 PM, February 09, 2012  

I am going to add this event to my bucket list because it's right up my alley. I'm a barefoot runner and don't have a flash bike (sure it's carbon but it's 15 years old and I got it virtually for free).

Maybe next year or the year after ... It'd be AWESOME!!!

Spartan ab workout 3:38 AM, February 15, 2012  

It was an exciting race event, thanks for sharing ! Congratulations to all the participants for a great job well done and looking forward always for more updates.

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