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>> Thursday, March 01, 2012

BEFORE I ANNOUNCE THE WINNERS OF THE GIVEAWAY... I want to let you know that RoadID saw my 1BandID giveaway post. They reminded me that they have a similar product as the 1BandID (as did my wife the moment my review went up last week), and they are sending me one in the next week. So in the next month or so, I'll do a side-by-side review of the "Shoe ID" by RoadID and the 1BandID that I was sent a while back.

1BandID: Pharmie's velcroed together and mine open.

My watch with the 1BandID on it.

So, there were 103 comments in my review / giveaway post from last week. And because you could "earn" more entries, there were a total of 221 "names in the hat."

All the comments printed and numbered (with extra numbers for extra entries)

I should note that these were my 3 favorite comments. These 3 win nothing... I just think they are awesome:

First, I liked this idea from Mike in Mankato:

I need this - I sometimes forget where I live after a run...at least I'll have an address to head to...

:-) Thanks!

I also thought that MileByMile made 2 GREAT points:

Yup . . . have ID . . . don't know where it is. Also, it once fell of when I took my gloves off during the one cold-weather run we get down in South Florida, and a kind fellow runner called me to tell me he'd found it on his run. This is not how running ID is supposed to work. I'm game to try something new.

Finally, Robyn liked the idea of having a 1BandID permanently attached to a piece of running gear, and she made a funny point:

I often forget to wear my RoadId, but I usually carry a credit card. That way emergency responders will know my name AND can shop online while waiting for the ambulance!


Using random.org, I entered the variables 1 through 215, and I clicked "generate" 3 times. The 3 winning numbers I got corresponded to these 3 entries, who all win a 1BandID:

Winner #1: Beth

Winner #2: Leigh

Winner #3: Travis

You 3 winners: contact me via twitter or the link at the top of my blog so I can get your info! Everyone else: thanks for entering! And THANKS to 1BandID for the giveaway!

Back with more soon!


Leigh 10:05 AM, March 01, 2012  

So excited that I won! Thank you! Going to send you an email shortly :)

Anonymous,  6:49 PM, March 03, 2012  

"Awesome" isn't going to help me find my house, but I'll take it anway!

Thanks for the great blog, Steve. I read it all the time - for the laughs, the suggestions, and of course the giveaways.

(And no I'm not sucking up...obviously the giveaway is over this time!)

Have a great weekend.

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