Track Intervals in Short-Sleeves and Shorts!

>> Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yep. In early February. I love it.

I hit the track on Thursday night after class. There was just a little snow / ice on the south side in the shadow of St. Thomas' new building, but the first few lanes were clear:

There were 2 different groups of college kids on the in-field doing football drills and baseball fielding exercises:

I was there for a good interval workout. Here's what I did:

4 x 1600m with 2:00 rest:

#1: 2:52, 2:50 = 5:42

Part of the girls track team hopped on the track for some quick "pick-ups" during my second interval, and that made me push harder. I wasn't trying to impress anyone... I just feel like I always try to run harder when I have an audience. ESPECIALLY an audience of runners.

#2: 2:44, 2:47 = 5:31

#3: 2:49, 2:44 = 5:33

I blew a snot-rocket out of each nostril before my final interval, and I watched the wind take one of the "rockets" and land it directly on my shoe:

Awesome. Thanks wind.

#4: 2:46, 2:45 = 5:31

So that's an average of 5:34.25 / 1600! Nice. I'll take it!

Here's a photo I snapped just after finishing my last interval:

You can't see my shorts, but you CAN see my short sleeves! In Feb! In MN!

I headed home where I got Henry dressed up for a run. I was going to take him out for a bit so Pharmie could enjoy herself on a run too! Here's little Hank and I ready to hit the road an hour after my track workout:

We ran another easy 5 miles together! So between my WU, intervals, CD, and Henry run, I was able to log about 10 miles on Thursday evening. Henry slept for most of the run and woke up 90 minutes later at home. He first gave us a BIG smile, but then just kept looking at Pharmie weird when she was trying to get him to smile one more time for a photo:

It's as if he's saying "I've been in this dang car seat for the last hour-and-a-half! Get me out of here and PLAY with me!" So that's what we did! :)

Back with another GIVEAWAY early next week!!


Michael 6:02 PM, February 11, 2012  

Love that you took the time to not only share the snot rocket story, but provide a photo as well. A true runner ! :-)))

transtri 6:24 PM, February 11, 2012  

Sounds like a great session. That track looks awesome! I'd love to run on a synthetic track for something different.

I think I might give some 1500 reps a go on our local grass track (we don't have many synthetic tracks here in Brisbane - but most schools have a grass track).

I can't believe you ran in shorts and t-shirt with snow and ice on the track. You must be pretty tough :)

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