Video from the Securian Run Half Marathon

>> Monday, February 07, 2011

I finally edited together most of the clips I took as I was running the Securian Run Half Marathon 9 days ago. Here's what a PERFECT running day in January in Minnesota looks like (seriously, it was over 20 degrees, not icy, and pretty calm - PERFECT!):

Direct link:

• 0:05 - Willie can be seen in the shades just before the cut.
• 0:18 - Mini Donuts!!
• 0:28 - Race buddy Nicole, who ran the entire race with me!
• 0:39 - Dome buddy Matt is visible for a nano-second to the left.
• 1:15 - Proof Nicole and I were still running side-by-side.
• 1:31 - Meeting speedy Michelle Frey on her way back for the win (that's her who says "HEY!").
• 1:55 - Lonely stretch of road with 1.5 miles left.
• 2:02 - Passing my pregnant wife who was finishing the 10K. She's adorable.
• 2:30 - My lovely Pharmie finishing the 10K, all smiles!

In other news, the Twin Cities has a new Olympic Distance Triathlon this summer! It starts with a FAST Mississippi River swim! Click here for more info and course maps. I'd LOVE to try this race this next summer!!....


Christi 9:02 AM, February 07, 2011  

Was that a guy in a gold running suit at the very beginning of the video?

Steve Stenzel 9:05 AM, February 07, 2011  

YES! That's the "Securian Mascot." He runs the first block, and then drops out. Forgot to point that out....

Mollyapolis,  1:31 PM, February 07, 2011  

Really? A swim in the Mississippi River? Are they gonna have a Tetanus Tent where they give out free shots afterwards?

Steve Stenzel 4:19 PM, February 07, 2011  

Molly, I'm worried about the same thing! But local water test show it's cleaner than a lot of the urban lakes we swim in.

And I did a triathlon 2 years ago in Lake Pontchartrain (where the Mississippi dumps into the gulf), and I lived through that, so I'm hoping it will be OK up here! I hope!.....

BUT, that being said, it still gives me a bit of that creepy-crawly feeling down the back of my neck... ;)

Jumper 2.0 5:21 PM, February 07, 2011  

If you think about it, most industry is well below downtown St. Paul. Water is still pretty decent by that time. I would never hop in the river around St. Louis or something like that. Thinking about this being one of the few Triathlons I race this year.

health care forum 2:59 PM, February 08, 2011  

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