Friday Funny 160: Keith's Baseball Card

>> Friday, February 18, 2011

Keith: "Oh, I didn't catch that one. Let's take another photo."

Photographer: "Naw, I think got it Keith."

Keith: "Great! That was easy! Can someone get me some ice..."

The longer I look at this baseball card, the funnier it gets!


B. Kramer 9:13 AM, February 18, 2011  

It's a 3-0 count, but he's not even batting.

Those pants are way too tight. Yikes!

kristen 9:36 AM, February 18, 2011  

Can't. Stop. Looking. (and laughing)

Pretend this is real 9:45 AM, February 18, 2011  

Ouch! (My stomach hurts from all the laughing.)

Tina Marie Parker 12:34 PM, February 18, 2011  

So after looking at the picture three times, I just noticed the ball in front of the ball. lol

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