Friday Funny 155: Why We're REALLY Having Kids...

>> Friday, February 04, 2011

Can. Not. Wait.



Ironman By Thirty 6:08 AM, February 04, 2011  

The only thing wrong with this picture is that the mom is sitting outside in the cold. I would be on the living room couch with a cup of hot chocolate.

Carly 7:37 AM, February 04, 2011  

That is why I had 3 of them.

it's all about pace 7:48 AM, February 04, 2011  

put 'em to work early... put 'em to work often...

cdnhollywood 8:05 AM, February 04, 2011  

...I don't see the joke. That's a completely normal picture. I thought this was supposed to be funny!


Oh, just so you know, if you have a girl, you'll still be doing all the work...and more.

Keith 8:40 AM, February 04, 2011  

You are either very deluded, very optimistic, or very, very patient. To say nothing of persuasive.

Trisaratops 8:43 AM, February 04, 2011  

True story--my 3 year old's FAVORITE THING TO DO is to "play shovel" and shovel with Matt. It's hilarious. I am documenting it thoroughly to remind him of this in about 7-10 years. ha ha!

Matt Ellenberger 9:51 AM, February 04, 2011  

I thought the real reason was tax deductions

Christi 10:22 AM, February 04, 2011  

Good luck with that! I thought I would have instant labor with my son and all he has done was add more work!

momo 12:31 PM, February 04, 2011  

ha, it doesn't quite work that way. everything they do, you pretty much have to redo (without them seeing of course) - at least for awhile. but they do feel good about doing it themselves, so that's a bonus. :)

Karen 3:53 PM, February 04, 2011  

haha, that's pretty awesome! Congrats!

Kevin 6:52 PM, February 04, 2011  

They could have at least given her a bigger shovel

CoachLiz 7:24 PM, February 08, 2011  

Momo is right. Kids do a craptastic job on chores but they feel so proud of what they have done. Is it always worth the $5 or $10 bucks you bribe them with? No. But hey, right now as I listen to the spin cycle of the washing machine, I am not washing someone's sheets and putting them back on the bed and that is priceless.

Unknown 8:29 AM, February 14, 2011  

It'll be a while..My oldest is 11 ( a daughter) and oldest son is 9...I still do all the snow shoveling :(

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