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>> Monday, February 21, 2011

I've got some "stuff" in the works to be giving away over the next couple of weeks. So make sure to check back often!

Today, I've got some hearty granola bars to giveaway. "What makes them so special" you ask? I answer with "You get to decide what goes into them!"

Element Bars has a website where you start putting ingredients together to form a bar that meets your needs. You start with the bar itself:

Then you add fruits:

And then you add nuts, sweets, and boosts. If you don't know how something tastes or what it's purpose is, you can just mouse-over it, and it will give you a little more info:

Here's what my bar would look like:

Little crunch, cranberries, blueberries, brown rice syrup, and some protein

The best part of using their site is that the nutritional info is updated with every ingredient you add or subtract! And then, when you order your bars, your individual nutritional info is printed on each wrapper. Here's a photo of some bars I got last summer:

So the people at Element Bars want to giveaway a box of 12 homemade bars to 1 of my readers. That's around a $40 value! The winner will get to design and create their own bar.


Step 1 (optional): to earn +1 extra entry: If you twitter, send out this tweet:

I just entered the delicious @elementbars giveaway on @SteveinaSpeedo’s blog - http://iwannagetphysical.blogspot.com/

Step 2: Go to the Element Bars website and play around with their "bar builder." Decide what you'd like in your bar.

Step 3: Comment on this post to be entered in the giveaway - comment about what kind of bar you would design. What would be in it? Also let me know if you tweeted so that I know if I should throw your name in the hat an extra time.

Step 4: Check back Saturday or Sunday to see if you’ve won.

See? Couldn’t be easier. Oh, but a little amendment to Step 3: You do NOT need to be a blogger to comment, but make sure to leave some specific info so you’ll know if you won. So you could say something like this: “Hey Steve, this John Smith from Topeka, and I'd make a bar full of berries! And sent out a tweet, so throw my name in the hat 2 times! Thanks!”

The fine print:
- Contest open to US and Canadian residents.
- You may comment now (on THIS post) through Friday, Feb 25th. The winner will be contacted late on Saturday or Sunday.
- The winner will be chosen at random by a random number generator, drawing numbers out of a hat, or other random selection process.
- Check back this weekend to see if you won! (Especially if you don’t have a blogger account because I have no way of contacting you.)
- If I don’t hear back from the winner within 2 days after posting that they’ve won, I’ll draw another name and give the bars to someone else.

Oh, and if you want to save some money, Element Bars has cheaper, popular, pre-made bars too. Here's just a few from their website, with calories, protein, fiber, sugar, and saturated fat listed:

Thanks Element Bars for the delicious giveaway!! So comment below with how YOU’D design YOUR bar to be entered!!! Thanks everyone!


Anonymous,  7:05 AM, February 21, 2011  

I would want some with whey protein and blueberries for the antioxidents. And maybe one with protein and chocolate...

Anonymous,  7:05 AM, February 21, 2011  

And I tweeted this!

RW 7:23 AM, February 21, 2011  

wow both the little crunch and super crunch look awesome! love that you can add extra protein to any of the bars bases.

i'm partial to combos with flax or pepitas and cranberries or blueberries. yum!

RW 7:24 AM, February 21, 2011  

2 entries for me! I hope I can wait til the giveaway is done before caving and buying some of my own. Its a heft price tag but perhaps too awesome to pass up!

Chalita (punniepunch@yahoo.com),  7:42 AM, February 21, 2011  

Great giveaway! I'd love endurance bar with some super crunch and canberries. Oooh, and I tweeted this!

Meg Tannahill 7:54 AM, February 21, 2011  

I like the bars with a date core and some nuts, like cashews and pumpkin seeds.

Unknown 7:55 AM, February 21, 2011  

Mmmm, love these bars. I'd do a chewy bar with almond butter, dried cherries, and brown rice syrup. It would be AWESOME. (By the way, this is Nicole K from Chicago.)

Anonymous,  8:01 AM, February 21, 2011  

Oaty chew, pumpkin seeds, and dark chocolate all the way!

Katie 8:26 AM, February 21, 2011  

This is really awesome, I've seen customized chocolate bars before but never this :)

I'd choose, cherries, almonds and dark chocolate in a little crunch base :D

John McDevitt 8:27 AM, February 21, 2011  

little crunch, cranberries, sunflower seeds, brown rice syrup, caffeine, and whey protein. +1 for tweeting

Christine 8:30 AM, February 21, 2011  

I pick a bar FULL of nuts and caffeine!!

I tweeted as well, so 2 entries for ME!!!

Krista 8:42 AM, February 21, 2011  

Put me in for one entry! I want a 'little crunch' bar with apricots and whey protein! Yum!

Unknown 9:02 AM, February 21, 2011  

I'll take the Little Chew with bananas! Yumm!

For the win Steve!!

(I didn't tweet it, so I only get this entry)

spartygrl13 9:11 AM, February 21, 2011  

I would do the nutty chew with cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and agave syrup! OH and i tweeted too! :)

Laura (LunaChickRuns) 9:14 AM, February 21, 2011  

I would pick cherries, banana, and dark chocolate. Mmmmmm!

Kris 9:16 AM, February 21, 2011  

I will tweet too!!

For my bar I just need lots of crunch and cranberries :)

SueM,  9:30 AM, February 21, 2011  

hi Steve -
this is your fan from Morgantown, WV. I'd make a bar with protein and fiber but low in fat. Oh, and it has to be tasty, so maybe a little chocolate thrown it!

Paul, ShaRee & Kids 9:39 AM, February 21, 2011  

Cool site!
I call this one the Hirschi Hump. A energy snack to get over the hump of a long hike/bike/run/weekday!

4g of Whey Protein
Oaty Chew It's Organic!
Brown Rice Syrup

ShaRee Hirschi

Rachel Elizabeth 9:55 AM, February 21, 2011  

I would make:
Oaty Chew
Caffeine and Immunity Boosts!

Unknown 10:04 AM, February 21, 2011  

Wow-too cool!

I made a bar with a little crunch, raisins & banana, walnuts & flax, honey & pumpkin spice with Vit B and whey protein added.
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 Bar (2.3oz)

Amount Per Serving
Calories 236Calories from Fat 28

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 3.1g5%
Saturated Fat 0.4g2%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 12mg4%
Sodium 105.5mg4%
Potassium 142.5mg4%
Total Carbohydrate 40.4g13%
Dietary Fiber 3.1g13%
Sugars 24.2g
Protein 13.1g26%

Vitamin A 0% Vitamin C 2%

Calcium 9% Iron 9%

Honey, Organic Oats, Whey Crisps (Whey protein isolate, corn starch), Date Paste (Pressed Dates), Whey Protein Isolate, Organic Raisins, Bananas, Organic Flax Seeds, Walnuts, Vanilla, Pumpkin Spice Blend, B Vitamin Boost, Salt

I named it Ode to Speed-O in honor of you and me building speed running :)

I tweeted it too

Put me in the hat twice

Mike 10:05 AM, February 21, 2011  

Anything with pumpkin seeds is awesome to me.

I tweeted this

Anonymous,  10:09 AM, February 21, 2011  

Hello, this is Lauren from Maine.
I made a ChocoCherry bar with cherries and dark choclate.
great website

JP 10:13 AM, February 21, 2011  

Only problem is figuring out which of the (who knows how many) versions to build and get!

Re-tweeted as well, for a total of 2 entries.

KCKrane,  10:18 AM, February 21, 2011  

I made a bar
Whey Protein
4g of Whey Protein
+ Blueberry Base
Blueberries Cranberries Cashews Organic Flax Seeds Honey Organic Caffeine
189 cals
57% carb/27%prot/16%fat
looks like it would taste really good too

April 10:28 AM, February 21, 2011  

I would get chewy with cranberries, walnuts, dark chocolate, and B vitamins. Yum.

brendaj 10:43 AM, February 21, 2011  

Nutty chew, apricots, and dark chocolate!

Katie 11:04 AM, February 21, 2011  

I could go for some Little Crunch bars with walnuts, cherries, and honey. Sounds tasty!

Billie-O,  11:06 AM, February 21, 2011  

considering they are "custom" so to speak, the price is not that bad. I just spent 20- mins playing around with different combos.
apricots with almonds and honey would be delishious

RunningLaur 11:13 AM, February 21, 2011  

Cherries in a bar? Heaven. And I'd add the protein for sure too - have to get it in somewhere.

Holly 11:17 AM, February 21, 2011  

The customizing is fun! I'd make a bar with cherries, dark chocolate and almonds.

I also tweeted!

Katie 11:19 AM, February 21, 2011  

Hey Steve! This is Katie from NE Mpls and I need some deliciousness while I'm training for my 2nd ever marathon! I'd make an oaty chew bar with cherries, blueberries, dark chocolate, and add some Omega-3s. My next creation would be more protein-y, but for now, carb-y's the way to go. Thanks!

trihrdrgrl 11:42 AM, February 21, 2011  

I love Pumpkin!! So I went with a oaty chewy bar, with rasins, pumpkin seeds and pumpkin spice. mmmmmm

Also commented on Twitter for count me in for two!

jess 11:47 AM, February 21, 2011  

I made a classic bar with organic peanut butter, blueberries, cranberries, organic almonds, chocolate chips, and 4g of Whey Protein. I named it 'trainer', since I will eat it for my 50K training and on race day.

CaptainSuburbia 11:59 AM, February 21, 2011  

Matt from California's in. I put together a banana and antiox recovery bar.

Kathrin 12:17 PM, February 21, 2011  

For me it would be a "little crunch, bananas, honey and immunity boost bar".... And I also tweeted the giveaway, so pls put me in for to entries.


Jenna Z 12:35 PM, February 21, 2011  

Wow, YUM! I made an oaty chew bar with flaxseeds, apricots, almonds, cinnamon and honey! Delish!

Jenna Z 12:36 PM, February 21, 2011  

I tweeted:

John Bonk 1:19 PM, February 21, 2011  

Tweeted. Chocolate, Cashew, and Cherries would be the start to the bar. Not 100% sure what else.

Mary V.,  2:57 PM, February 21, 2011  

Hi Steve, this is Mary V. from Crystal. I'd build a chewy bar with bluerries, almonds and brown rice syrup with Omega 3. Thanks!

Jim 3:50 PM, February 21, 2011  

I just tweeted this silly! These bars appear to be total awesomeness. Love the additional protein option. Kind of felt like I was playing a video game and winning! 12.6 g of Protein, hello? Yes please!

David 3:51 PM, February 21, 2011  

I would like one entry. These look great!

Alyssa 4:05 PM, February 21, 2011  

This is an amazing idea and I would like an entry to give these a try. How cool! How did you learn about these??

I'M Tri-ing 4:10 PM, February 21, 2011  

One Entry Please! If I made one it would have M&M's, Chocolate Chips, Carmel, dipped in Chocolate...wait, was this the candy bar give away?

Running and living 4:22 PM, February 21, 2011  

One entry:) I would do flax, several berries and a little protein.

Katherine Schlaefer 5:29 PM, February 21, 2011  


Perfect bar = chewy + cherries + almonds + pepitas + dark chocolate + soy . . . or maybe sub apricots in place of chocolate.

Great idea :)

kristen 5:42 PM, February 21, 2011  

I tweeted.

I think I'd want a chewy (with PB so that I don't have to share with my peanut-allergic husband), cherry, pumpkin seed, maple, omega boost bar.

Erik 6:26 PM, February 21, 2011  

One entry for me. My bar would have cherries, bananas, and dark chocolate. It's like a crunchy banana split!

Michael 6:28 PM, February 21, 2011  

Oaty chew, bananas, throw in some whey protein for good measure, pumpkin seeds, and honey. Call me entered.

TriEric 7:17 PM, February 21, 2011  

Great website. I made my bar with chocolate. Must...have....chocolate.


Unknown 7:31 PM, February 21, 2011  

I would definitely get something nutty with cranberries. A little tart and a little crunch.

I tweeted too! Thanks for the giveaway!

Vicky 8:19 PM, February 21, 2011  

I would get a bar that is oaty chewy with cranberries, apricots, agave nectar and omega-3. Yum! I also posted a FB link to your blog.

Joel 8:48 PM, February 21, 2011  

There are a lot of combos that would be delicious. A favorite would be oats chewy with bananas and honey.

Kittee 8:56 PM, February 21, 2011  

Now this is too cool!

I love all the options they have. It could take me days to decide. but love the protein and berries..

Unknown 1:54 AM, February 22, 2011  

I had to make it all-organic, since I'll be eating it in Berkeley. Tweeted over it too. Now if only they had goji berries...

Robyn 6:15 AM, February 22, 2011  

Yum. Apricots, cherries and pumpkin seeds. We made homemade granola bars a couple of months ago that were similar to these, but having the nutrition information is pretty awesome.

Pinkcorker (Renee) 7:28 AM, February 22, 2011  

That's so cool! I made mine with bananas, dark chocolate and almonds. I would love to win a box of these!
Tucson, AZ

Tri Girl 8:04 AM, February 22, 2011  

Love this idea! Entering in to Half Ironman training these would come in handy!!!!

I would pick blueberries, chocolate and some extra protein and cranberries too!!!

Kimberly 8:18 AM, February 22, 2011  

I made a bar with apricots, blueberries, walnuts, honey and cinnamon. It sounds delicious ... right now.

Anonymous,  8:22 AM, February 22, 2011  

Hi Steve. Darren from Wichita would make his with chocolate and nuts! 1 entry please. Thanks.

Unknown 8:32 AM, February 22, 2011  

Holy craps. I made a bar with Whey Protein, Oaty Chew, Blueberries, Almonds, Honey, Immunity Boost and it's 74% carbs. Is there such as thing as too many carbs? :)

I have a twitter account but I don't follow you and you don't follow me and I'm protected so no way to prove that I tweeted anything so I just won't. But at least I got one in the ring!

Anonymous,  9:24 AM, February 22, 2011  

Dark chocolate, bananas, and protein. Yummy. By the way this is Tracy from Victoria. I'm twitter impaired so 1 entry for me!

Kris 10:14 AM, February 22, 2011  

MMMM! Dark chocolate, cherries, flax, protein. Good, good stuff.

Kim 11:21 AM, February 22, 2011  

oatmeal chew with bananas, blueberries and cranberries.... and PUMPKIN!!! and dark chocolate!

VCK 11:32 AM, February 22, 2011  

Whey protein, oaty chew, apricots, cherries, dark chocolate, omega 3s. Hmm... perhaps a catchier name is in order?

Nelson 12:08 PM, February 22, 2011  

I'm in for 1 Steve. I made a nutty chew with cranberries pumpkin seeds almonds and honey. I threw in some Glucosamine too, because, well, why not!?!

I read about these somewhere before, they're a great idea!

Thanks for the info Steve!

Emily 12:30 PM, February 22, 2011  

These look great! I would do an "oatmeal on the go": oaty chew, apricot, bananas, honey, almond and whey protein.

I also tweeted!

Jason Wright 12:32 PM, February 22, 2011  

I created the ultimate bar Steve, if it were a genre of music I'd call it punk rock.

Oaty Chew base w/ 2g of whey protein
Fruits - Cherries, cranberries, Raisins, Blueberries, Apricots and Bananas (Fruit's good for ya')
Nuts - Almonds and Walnuts (Because unlike peanuts, these two look different coming out then going in)
Extras - Agave Syrup, Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon and Immunity Boost (Because if you're a custom, you have to add leather and the trim)

1 entry, thanks for your bloggin' efforts man.

Justin 12:51 PM, February 22, 2011  

Oaty chew with blueberries and banana. And throw in some immunity and omega 3 in that sucker

Nathaniel 1:02 PM, February 22, 2011  

Steve, I twittered and also would love to try a bar with some blueberries, almonds, flax seed, etc. Sounds awesome.

majorcane 5:16 PM, February 22, 2011  

Tweeted - and I would make a bar with...
Raisins, Cashews, Flax, Dark Chocolate, whey protein...and caffiene.

Dave M 7:35 PM, February 22, 2011  

Chewy peanut butter core with blueberries, almonds, chocolate chips and agave syrup! But I would probably eat any of their pre-made bars too.

Greenking17 "TRI-harder" 8:24 PM, February 22, 2011  

protein, cherries, dark chocolate, almonds....yummy and add some fiber on the side please!

I tweeted this too!

The Triathlon Rx 9:24 PM, February 22, 2011  

2 entries for me!!

- I tweeted
- My bar: super crunchy blueberry base, dried blueberries, cinnamon, dark chocolate, and whey protein

Jayson 1:25 AM, February 23, 2011  

1 vote for me.

I don't care what kind of bar it is, as long as it has chocolate! :)

IronVince: IM WI 2009 and Beyond 6:06 AM, February 23, 2011  

Little Crunch-Cranberries-Blueberries-Cashews-Honey-Whey Protein (5g)

Good Stuff Steve. Thanks.

Thomas 12:04 PM, February 23, 2011  

+2 for my chocolate-cherry-pumpkin seed marvel. "Tri Treat" will be the name.

Unknown 4:33 PM, February 23, 2011  

Hi this Christine (Crazy mom of 5 in Utah) I would choose Oatey Chewey, plus protein, Cranberries, Flax, Almonds and Dark Chocolate for a pre-race breakfast!

Count me twice cause I tweeted as @stickyprints

live better 7:13 PM, February 23, 2011  

I'd like nutty chew with chocolate

Matt 9:58 PM, February 23, 2011  

I'm nuts about bananas. And I tweeted.

Katie 1:18 PM, February 24, 2011  

Did you really think you'd keep me from entering? HA!

Obviously I tweeted all about this fab giveaway, so I am excited to be able to enter it myself.

Thank you for sending me to yet another amazing site to waste time on at work. :) Today I made a a Cherry-Cashew-Dark Chocolate concoction. Yum!! Oh, yeah, and I healthed it up a bit with the nutty chew, Whey Protein and Glucosamine.


AJ 8:13 AM, February 25, 2011  

I have one entry. These look yummy!

AJ 8:15 AM, February 25, 2011  

Oh and nutty chocolate blueberry!

Unknown 9:11 AM, February 25, 2011  

2 entries for me-

I tweeted about the contest!

I would get a little crunch with cherries, walnuts, agave syrup, and an immunity boost!

scott 9:42 AM, February 25, 2011  

I would definitely do a nut chewy with apricots and dried cranberries. Awesome! Even though I don't have a twitter account, I did post it on my FB account.

SM 9:44 AM, February 25, 2011  

i would go with the Oaty Chew, Cranberry, almond, honey with Glucosamine bar! I have also tweeted this contest!
Thanks Steve!!!!

Marcea 11:39 AM, February 25, 2011  

I created an oaty chew with whey, omega 3, raisins, chocolate, almonds, sunflower seeds and brown rice syrup. :)

nrmrvrk 11:40 AM, February 25, 2011  

Whey protein
Super Crunch (Cherry base)
Flax seeds
Dark Chocolate

Gotta have the crunch. Cranberries because you never taste blueberries in food. Flax seeds are good for you and small enough not to be distracting, Dark chocolate because... chocolate, duh! Glucosamine because it's supposed to help your joints. My knees could use the help.

It's a good idea to let people make their own bar (similar to Kramer & Poppy's idea on Seinfeld of letting people make their own pizza). A bit pricey but worth the trouble if you're picky about the junk that commercial companies dump into their bars.

Oh, and I tweeted this.

Anonymous,  12:01 PM, February 25, 2011  

Little crunch w/ apricots and cranberries... YUM!!- Suzy from Fridley

Chu,  12:33 PM, February 25, 2011  

Thanks for the giveaway! I also tweeted for a total of 2 entries!

Anonymous,  1:20 PM, February 25, 2011  

bananas, almonds chewy
one enrty

Anonymous,  1:22 PM, February 25, 2011  

great give away
bananas, omega 3 and almonds
clinton from NC

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