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>> Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yesterday, I had an appointment with Dr. Folske (my ART Doc), and I knew he was going to use Kinesio tape on me. So the night before, he told me it would be a good idea to shave the back of my ankle / heel. I propped it up on the sink and got ready:

I took the clippers to it, and the sink looked like this:

Immediately after that, Pharmie came running into the bathroom because she heard me say "AWWW CRAP!!..." "What's wrong?" she asked as she was running up the steps. Well, look at the photo above of my leg. That's my right leg that I just shaved. But my bad heel is on my left leg......

Damn it.

Well, at least my heels were going to MATCH!! ;)

So I propped my LEFT heel up on the sink, and hit it with the clippers:

More leg hair.

After shaving it with a razor. Pretty.

Yesterday, I had my ART session, and the good Doc taped me up when he was done. He had me point my foot a bit as he started on my heel, stretched the tape up to my calf, and then stuck it all down. That way, when I walk, the tape is doing some of the work, and all of the pressure isn't on my achilles.

As he was applying the tape, I found out that I hadn't shaved up high enough:


After doing some tutoring at school, I headed to the pool to try out the tape job. I wasn't confidant it would hold. Nearly half way into my ladder swim workout (100, 200, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1), it was hanging from the back of my calf. I ripped it off and threw it up at the end of my lane, and continued with the workout.

Back at school for a later afternoon class, I re-taped everything myself now that I knew how. Here's my tape job:

No swimming for a day or two, so we'll see if I can make this tape job last more than 5 hours....

In other news, my pregnant wife just signed up to do a half marathon in mid-March! (She'll be around 28 weeks at that point.) She knows that a lot can happen with a pregnancy over a few weeks, so she's just playing it by ear with regards to the race. She's been running long and easy, and she has NO problem NOT RACING the half marathon. The "Get Lucky Triple 7K" (21K = half marathon) will just be a long, supported, easy run for her. I plan on being there to cheer her on and to take photos! Go Pharmie!!


The Lazy Triathlete 7:04 AM, February 17, 2011  

That is more like mid calf not just your ankle.

Unknown 9:14 AM, February 17, 2011  

Um... that's way higher than your ankle!

Super big yay for Pharmie! I love hearing that she's prego AND still running!

Bruther 10:47 AM, February 17, 2011  

you are a sweater wearing hairy freak

Lisa 1:33 PM, February 17, 2011  

Go Pharmie! Woot :-) I will be there also, should be a good race.

TriEric 5:52 PM, February 17, 2011  

How does Pharmie deal with those hairy ass legs?

Be a man and shave...often.

What brand of Kinesio tape did he use. I shower and swim with my knee taped up all the time.

CoachLiz 2:37 PM, February 18, 2011  

Ok, so when you reapplied the tape....why didn't you finish shaving your calf??!!??

Just askin'.

Tell Pharmie she's my Pre-natal hero. Run Momma, Run!!!

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