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>> Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Regarding my last post: I got some comments, some e-mails, and some tweets from many of you basically saying "Don't be dumb. Take it easy. Everyone needs some time off to NOT burn-out or get hurt." THANK YOU, READERS!

I'm listening. I'm going to wind down for a while, only doing what I feel like. Do I feel like running stairs today? OK. Nothing for 4 days? Fine. Lay in front of the TV for an hour and do 6 crunches only when a stupid jewelry commercial comes on? Great - I'll log that as a "killer core workout."

Last year, about this time, I did my "14 Days of Nothing" where I took some time completely off to heal up my calf/heel and my back. But now, I'm injury free, so I'll just ease back and take it easy. No burn-out. Just fun. Want to meet me somewhere in the Cities for an interesting workout? I'm game. Drop me a line.

In the meantime, this pie chart sums up my current training mantra:

Because I've got nothing else to say right now, here are some links to recent "St. Paul Triathlon Examiner" articles of mine:

• Chisago Lakes Tri named MN long distance championship race for 2011.
• WTC announced the new IronKids Midwest series.
• Local long course triathlon added as an ITU World qualifier.

Remember the 7-10 inches of snow we got near 2 weeks ago? That provided for some great racing which included some national coverage! Check these out:

• Photos from the first running of the (snowy) Diva Dash.
• Because of the epic snowy conditions, the MN State Cyclocross Championship received national attention on CNN and The Weather Channel.
• Some great photos from that snowy State cyclocross race.
• (Speaking of snow...) Dome running officially started last night (run inside at the Metrodome for $1).

And finally, there were some locals racing in Ironman Arizona this past Sunday. Devon Palmer (who recently turned pro) was taking on AZ as his first IM, and soccer mom arch nemesis Jenny Wilcox and racing buddy Julie Hull were there too. Devon did GREAT in his first IM, and Jenny and Julie both Kona qualified!! (IN THE SAME AGE GROUP TOO!) I was watching the race unfold on IronmanLive, and I was treated to the sight of Julie finishing with cartwheel after cartwheel as she came down the finisher's chute! And then, she was greeted with a hug from THEE Chrissie Wellington (who had just set an IM World Record):

Photos from Kerry Yndestad of YndeCam

So click here to read a little more about their races and to see more of Kerry's photos.

Thanks everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! Say hello to your mother for me!


Pretend this is real 10:14 AM, November 24, 2010  

Great pie chart! I also like to periodically employ the "crunches during commercials" technique. Except that usually means I only remember to do them for one commercial. And anyone that can do cartwheels at the end of an Ironman is kicka$$. Wow!

Sara Kuglin,  11:19 AM, November 24, 2010  

Interesting use of a piechart, Steve! Enjoy your Thanksgiving and see you Saturday!

Keith 11:23 AM, November 24, 2010  

Glad to hear you're going to take it easy and do fun stuff.
Only 7-10 inches of snow? Not bad, but Calgary got more. Plus it's even colder than MN. Here's what it looks like when you run in -33 windchill.

Maggs 5:20 PM, November 24, 2010  

I love that pie chart. After Kona (well, really before) I did the do what I want thing. I kept thinking tomorrow I'll start back. I finally did and it sucked. But then by day 2 I was running and started to plan for next year and the motivation seriously came back. But I'm sure it wouldn't have if i just kept plugging away before.

Jarrett @ "PaddlePedalPlod" 10:00 PM, November 25, 2010  

Since you're not as busy training... didja see Simon Whitfield's speculative post about "What if Chrissie raced ITU"?

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