Indoor Tri TOMORROW!!

>> Saturday, November 13, 2010

So there are FOUR of us headed to the Lifetime Fitness in Plymouth, MN tomorrow for a race! It WAS just 3 of us from the CVA Tri Club (Hannah, Katrina, and I), but Rachel signed up at the last minute too! Here's the 4 of us (plus Madeline) during their first indoor tri nearly 2 years ago:

March 2009: Indoor tri: Me, Rachel, Katrina,
Madeline (not racing), and Hannah on the right

- If you go to the Plymouth LTF, show up on Sunday and say "hi!" The ladies race from 9:40 through 10:55 (10:00 swim, 10:00 T1, 30:00 spin, 5:00 T2, 20:00 treadmill run). I'm in the "90 minute challenge," so I start in the final wave after them. I'll be racing from 10:00 through 11:45 (15 swim, 10 T1, 45 spin, 5 T2, 30 run).

- I still have the beard, so I'll see how it "feels" during a race.

- Hannah told me yesterday that she's been biking a LOT! But she hasn't ran in a few weeks..... and the last time she swam was during the last indoor tri.... IN MARCH! This should be good. ;)

- Back with a report on Monday!! Wish us luck!


Julie 4:44 PM, November 13, 2010  

Good luck to you to Steve!! I love that health club. Before we got out very own Lifetime here in Maple Grove...I went to the one in Plymouth:)

Have fun and kick some butt!

Ah Ah Alaska 1:17 AM, November 14, 2010  

Hey Steve: Love the beard, you look like a rugged Alaskan now. Better watch out or Sarah Palin send you an email, eh?
Good luck in the race!

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