Nasty Feet Post-Swim

>> Monday, November 08, 2010

I went for a swim early this morning. When I got home, I was going to clip my toenails. (I wait to clip them until AFTER a swim because I want to take full advantage of "flipper-like" nails if possible. We're talking about propulsion, people!)

When I took off my socks, I found a nasty blister on the bottom of my foot (which was all thick and squishy), and some gross peeling skin on the tip of my toe:

I cut off that bad-boy on the bottom of my foot to reveal some tender skin underneath:

Ahhhh.... the joys of morning surgery.



Motumbo,  2:06 PM, November 08, 2010  

Now, I must ask: what has possessed you that has let you to believe that this would be a proper post?!

Danny,  3:20 PM, November 08, 2010  

Motumbo, when the guy's got a tag called "gross foot photo," I think this is what we've come to expect.

And Steve, that's not me complaining. I love it.

CoachLiz 10:03 PM, November 09, 2010  

What would a November be without a good nasty foot post???

Martin 6:20 AM, November 14, 2010  

I LOVE PEELING MY OWN BLISTER SKIN. I guess it isn't just me!

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