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>> Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The results are up! Here's how they look:

There were 41 athletes who raced, so if you went the farthest in any division, you earned 41 points. Second in the division got 40 points. Etc, etc. I had a clean sweep of 123 points, but only myself and Matt (second place) did the "90 minute challenge" - everyone else did the regular 60 minute race. So it's more than just a little unfair putting all the results together.

[The "90 minute challenge" had a 15:00 swim, a 45:00 spin, and a 30:00 run. The "regular" 60 minute race had a 10:00 swim, a 30:00 spin, and a 20:00 run.]

Because I just HAD to do that annoying "I-didn't-do-this-race-but-what-if-I-did" thing, I wanted to see how I would have ended up in the normal "60 minute race" as opposed to the "90 minute challenge" that I took part in. So I took all my distances and multiplied by 0.66666 to figure it out. I took Matt out of the mix (the only other one in the 90 minute challenge with me), and compared my numbers. I would have placed 5th in the swim, 2nd in the bike, and 2nd in the run. But I would have won the race by 3 points.

A few points:

• I noted this before, and I'll note it again: these Indoor Triathlons are almost ALWAYS won by someone who has good balance across all 3 disciplines. I'm NOT talking about me winning the 2-person "90 minute challenge." Had I done the 60 minute race, I would have gotten first. One guy had both the farthest swim AND run, but he would have come in FIFTH! I would have won, and I wouldn't have won ANY individual division. Use this as a lesson, people! Use this off-season to work on that weakest of your 3 triathlon legs!! Go! NOW!!

• Rachel, Katrina, and Hannah all did great!! Their results are highlighted above. I talked to Hannah and Rachel the day after the race. Hannah felt GREAT the next morning. Rachel told me she had trouble getting out of bed. I don't mean she just didn't want to get up; I mean that she physically had trouble moving from a horizontal to a vertical position! These hard / fast indoor tris take a lot out of you!! However, Rachel asked me "Steve, can we just do an 'unofficial' tri sometime at the local Y?" YES RACHEL!! We can! I love that idea....

• I posted on Rachel's, Hannah's, and Katrina's Facebook walls shortly after the race. I found these 2 posts back-to-back when I stopped back a few hours later:

Regarding my comment: her legs got a little "rubbed raw" during the fast spinning. And because of my beard, she was calling me "dad" all day on Sunday. Awkward? Yes. ;) (And I was the person who "liked" Jessica's comment.)

• I FINALLY solved a recurring Indoor Tri issue: My toes always get a little beat-up from spinning so fast during the race. (I was holding a cadence around 156 during the race.) Here's a little blister from the indoor tri earlier this year:

And here's a bloody sock and a rubbed-raw toe from the indoor tri a year ago:

Well, I FINALLY got smart and brought along my Toe Caps to wear during the race. I had it on JUST for the bike, and I took it off before the run. Here's a photo of me modeling a Toe Cap about a year ago before I headed out for a run:

It did the trick!! My toes were P-E-R-F-E-C-T during (and after) the race! Thanks Toe Caps!!

"Like condoms for your toes, only non-sexual."
(Not their actual slogan, but it SHOULD be)

Scroll down or click here to see our race report with a bunch of photos.


Pretend this is real 7:57 AM, November 16, 2010  

HAHAHA! The "slogan" for your toe caps is great. I needed that laugh!

Lucas R. Tucker 9:40 AM, November 16, 2010  

I have been in talks with my local Y about volunteering to organize one of these for them. do you have any tips?

Steve Stenzel 10:22 AM, November 16, 2010  

Luke, if you haven't done an indoor tri yourself, go do one! That's the best way to figure out how to run one. I've been talking off-and-on with the local middle-school swim team at my Y, but we haven't gone forward with anything yet. I'm trying to get the swim coach to come do an indoor event with me to see what goes into it.

Basically, here's what you might need:

- Some length-counters in the pool (1 person can count 2 people), and maybe someone else to keep time.

- A few people in the spinning studio to keep time, refill water bottles, give out towels, and then get the total mileage of everyone when they're done. Oh, and you'll need working computers on the bikes. Most I've done simply mount cheap bike odometers to the bikes, and tape a magnet to the flywheel to count "distance."

- A few people in the treadmill area to do similar stuff as the spinning studio. Make sure to tell everyone to press PAUSE when their time is up so that their milage stays on the computer - many treadmills will clear the milage if you just hit STOP.

If each wave starts 20:00 apart, everything lines up well for a multi-wave indoor with a 10 swim, 10 T1, 30 spin, 5 T2, and 20 run. If you're just doing 1 wave, it's easier.

If you haven't / can't do one yourself, do a walkthrough "fake" one of your own. You might see issues as they come up.

Oh, and all of this was for the style of indoor tris that I've done: do each event for a certain length of time, and then give points for distance. There are other indoors that are more "traditional:" swim XX laps, bike XX miles, run X miles, fastest time wins. That second idea SOUNDS better, but it's more of a logistical nightmare for multiple waves. But it's easy with 1 wave.

Laurie 11:23 PM, November 17, 2010  

I am going to write a blog about pictures of feet booboos in blogs I read. Do you think this would be a big hit?

CoachLiz 9:14 PM, November 18, 2010  

156 cadence on the bike!!!???!!! How in the hell??? You must not have had any resistance on that fly wheel. If your toes looked like that, I shudder to think what your rear and family jewels look like after that. Thank you for not photographically documenting that for us. You must have had monkey butt after that.

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