Thanksgiving "Workouts"

>> Monday, November 29, 2010

Don't get overly concerned - I DIDN'T go out and do a lot of training over the long weekend. I'm still "taking it easy" and just doing what I want.

So, that means on Thanksgiving Day, I played on the ice with Pharmie's godchild and other cousins:

Grace and I

Trying to break through the ice.

Group photo on the ice: me, Grant, Annie,
Grace, Ben, Gretchen, and Tysen.

Onto a bigger, badder, better pond.

Then on Saturday, Pharmie and I had some more celebrating to do. It was Thanksgiving on my side in the morning / afternoon, and then an anniversary party for Pharmie's parents in the evening.

Immediate family.

Dave pulling the remote control car out of my cousin's hair.

Stenzels all over the place.

Playing with my nephew in the basement.

Then we made a trek across town. It's becoming a family tradition to make a trip with the cousins to the Dollar Store to buy crap.

Kelsey told me it was like this when she got there.

No one is going to buy you, Hitler Bear.

At the Dollar Store, we found "Big Buck Hunter" for $28! It was just a "plug-and-play" game, so it didn't need any gaming system. Grandpa tried it out right away:

Grandpa shooting cow-pies in the sky.

Then we took the game to my in-laws for the night.

Matt and his gun.

Never trust a shifty-eyed professor / triathlete with an orange plastic shotgun.

I cleaned house in the game with my 3 brothers-in-law. Totally owned them. Then my mother-in-law tried. She saw a lot of this:


She WAS good at killing ducks!

This is what Thanksgiving is all about: family gathered around
the TV yelling at each other because they just wounded a deer
but didn't actually kill it until after midnight. Good times.

p.s. I registered for my first race of 2011 last night!! Vacation Sports is offering 50% off their entry fee into their races THROUGH TODAY, so Matt and I registered for the Oakdale Duathlon as "Team Happy Pants." Click here to get more info on the 50% race entry. Heck of a deal. Team Happy Pants will be riding again in 2011!


RunningLaur 8:41 AM, November 29, 2010  

Seeing the frozen lake makes me cringe, even though it looks like tons of fun!

SteveQ 12:12 PM, November 29, 2010  

1970's wood paneling, electrical outlet in the middle of the wall and empty case of Canadian Whiskey... what were you doing in my house?

gene 9:51 AM, December 02, 2010  

why are you squashing that poor little kid into the ice?
looks like a good time was had! nice to see you all outside. us? we did a 5k turkey trot THEN sat inside all day/evening. ugh.

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