4 Runs and 3 Rides in a WEEK? And During the "Off Season?"

>> Monday, October 25, 2010

Yep, that's right. I've REALLY been letting my swimming slide, and I need to hit the pool soon (maybe even this afternoon between tutoring and class). Anyway, this is what my last week of training looked like:

• Monday, 10/18: easy run with the "Flash Run" gang. Just a casual 3.1 miles with friends:

• Tuesday, 10/19: 1:25 of strength work, and an 8.1 mile run. I've been getting back into my "old ways" with more strength work. But, I THINK I've found that working on building strength over the off season helps to keep me injury-free during the summer. So hitting the gym regularly this winter is a goal of mine.

For my run, I wanted to go around 8 with 2 harder miles in the middle. I defined "hard" as 6:15 and 6:00 pre-run. I ended up going 5:54 and 5:45. Nice. My legs felt GOOD.

• Wednesday, 10/20: nothing.

• Thursday, 10/21: 7.5 miles of fartleks. I warmed up for over 2 miles, and then I did 3:00 hard, 2:00 easy, 2 h, 1 e, 4 h, 2 e, 1 h, 1 e, 5 h, 3 e, 3 h, 2 e, 2 h, 1 e. My "easys" were just that: not "medium," but not SUPER easy either. Mapping it out afterwards, I did 5.13 miles of fartleks over those 32:00. SOLID RUN! I'd only done fartleks once before working with Coach Jen, and now I feel like their something I'll be doing around every other week.

• Friday, 10/22: 20:00 of core, and TWO 14.65 mile bike rides. That's right: TWO!! I biked out to help Steph and Borsch (Pharmie's sister and her hubby) re-roof their house. I knew that was a good way to help family AND get in my workout! So I biked there with a little backpack of "roofing clothes" on my back, threw my bike in their basement, and lent a hand for about 5 hours.

Bike in basement, having just changed into roofing clothes

"I'm Steve Stenzel, and I approved this message hole in your roof."

Old roof decking torn back a bit, attic exposed, ready to add
some 2x4s to create a nice overhang over the back of the house.

It was getting dark by the time we patched everything up, re-decked the roof, and got the tar paper put on. I bolted out of there to take the Gateway Trail back towards St. Paul before it got COMPLETELY DARK. It was a little too late. I DID have a reflective vest, but I had no light for the trail. I was riding blind for about 5 miles until I got closer to downtown.

Still, I was happy that I biked and got in nearly 30 miles on the day!

• Saturday, 10/23: 25:00 of upper body (strength) and 4 easy miles with Pharmie. We had a "date run" after work. We're cute like that.

• Sunday, 10/24: 1 hour on the trainer. Pharmie and I hit the trainer while watching the Vikes game last night.

Our view

Pharmie and I about halfway through out workout

My sweaty boobs after about an hour of torture watching the
Vikings get beat-up by the Packers

Reminder: If you missed the rules to the "Bootyshaking Bike Off" on Friday, click here to learn about that! (Basically, make a SWEET video of you showing us your best moves on a bike, and the public will vote on the best video. The winner gets around $250 in great gear!) And if you're not interested in making a video, send this link to your creative / funny / outlandish friends so THEY can submit a video! Thanks!

Back soon with my next event that I'm training for. I need SOMETHING on the horizon or I go a little crazy.....


Ryan 4:24 PM, October 25, 2010  

Time to shave, cave man.

CoachLiz 5:00 PM, October 25, 2010  

The sweaty boobs photo was almost too much for me. I have a high tolerance, but that....that pushed the line for me.

emily 5:17 PM, October 25, 2010  

do you bike harder when the vikings are losing ;) - packer fan

Kristin 7:32 PM, October 25, 2010  

Nice recap of the week! Loved "date run" its so nice when you both can get out and run together!! Its the best company to rant and rave about the day to!

arcteryx 8:54 PM, October 25, 2010  

Nice list of activities and a splendid photos.

chris mcpeake 6:16 AM, October 26, 2010  

man those are sweaty boobs. Not much more you can say about that.

KJ 5:15 PM, October 26, 2010  

Oh, Steve. Steve. Must you?


Jennifer Harrison 5:30 PM, October 26, 2010  

I had to close my eyes at the boob picture...but lovely bottle! LOL
Something fun on the horizon? Ohhh!!

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