Friday Funny 120: Dancing Animals at the TC Marathon

>> Friday, October 08, 2010

Here's a reminder of the video from LAST YEAR:

Direct Link:

We tried something new this year. I hope you like it. Crank up the volume, call over your co-workers, and enjoy:

(Here's a link to the version on YouTube, but the audio is off a bit, so watch the embedded video above!)

Again, click here for my near-death 10 Mile race report, click here to see us cheering as farm animals for the marathon runners (or scroll down 1 post), click here to see lots of videos from the TC Marathon, and click here to go to my Examiner article with photos and videos from the race. Happy weekend!!


Benjamin 7:39 AM, October 08, 2010  

"This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds." Pfffffff booooooh Sony :(

Gabriel Losa 7:51 AM, October 08, 2010  

The same... some stupid copyright issue don´t let me watch it.
I bet it´s so funny!

Greenking17 "TRI-harder" 8:15 AM, October 08, 2010  

I saw it and loved it! Brought back some good memories of college, and farm animals, er...what? Looks like you had a great time out there guys. Great job on the video, I hate that song, but it was fitting...

Sandra from the Netherlands,  8:37 AM, October 08, 2010  

Love it!
Maybe next time some beyonce?

Steve Stenzel 9:19 AM, October 08, 2010  

I just put up a version that should be visible in all countries! Try watching it again!

Foges 9:30 AM, October 08, 2010  

i love it! maybe next year hire a chirographer!

Unknown 9:54 AM, October 08, 2010  

HAHAHA! I love when the chicken is beating the racoon with it's tail feathers. I wish there were animals at my races!

Anonymous,  1:02 AM, October 09, 2010  

Hilarious! Those runners must be so pumped up after seeing animals grind up against each other. Just hilarious.

Regina 8:49 AM, October 10, 2010  

love it!!! So did my 4 year old (not sure what that says ;P)

maeve 10:18 AM, October 10, 2010  

OM GOSH this is soooo funny, thanks for the great Sunday morning laugh!! Do you think if I dressed up in an animal outfit at on of my daughters Tri's and toke along my boom box she would be happy??!!! LOL GREAT job!

The Triathlon Rx 9:05 PM, October 11, 2010  

Oh. My. GOODNESS! I want to be a dancing animal next year!!! Can I be the moooose?!

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