Friday Funny 123: Reasons to Not Wash

>> Friday, October 22, 2010

He makes a good point.....

Giveaway news coming in a few hours....


MissFit Island 7:49 AM, October 22, 2010  

So true. I've been teling my boys for years to wash their hands BEFORE they go to the bathroom.

Foges 8:45 AM, October 22, 2010  

or he can turn off the water with the wet paper towel and keep it to open doors till he gets back to his desk, like me.... details details!

RobbyB 9:05 AM, October 22, 2010  

Or, you can touch everything, get little bits of bacteria on you, let your body build natural anti-bodies, and never have to worry about germs!

Nature! It's the new black!

Katie 9:12 AM, October 22, 2010  

How'd the water get turned on in the first place if he won't touch the faucet?

Stacey 9:22 AM, October 22, 2010  

Hahaha I laughed out loud!

SteveQ 10:32 AM, October 22, 2010  

Chemists and car mechanics always wash before they go (and usually after as well). A friend pointed out to me that public restroom doors always open in, so you have to touch the dirty doorknob after you've washed your hands - he's right! Every single one of them is like that; I hadn't noticed.

Anonymous,  1:28 PM, October 22, 2010  

Real nice ! Many thanks !

CoachLiz 4:35 PM, October 22, 2010  

I'm just going to wear latex gloves and not touch anything anymore.


Anonymous,  11:26 PM, October 22, 2010  

This is a great post. Thanks so much for sharing, like always.

Anonymous,  1:46 AM, October 24, 2010  

Actually it's best to use a dry paper towel to open the door..wet ones let bacteria through. Just sayin'

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