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>> Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Sorry, but I don't have all the farm animal photos fixed up yet. (I actually haven't had time to even start that process.) And I haven't downloaded the couple of minutes of video that Annie took of us dancing / cheering - I hope to have that edited as a "Friday Funny" this week.

In the meantime, I found a video that has a 1 second clip of me cheering for the marathon runners as the chicken! It was something that one of the local newspapers put together. I put up a quick Examiner article that has a link to the video. The article contains:
- a quick race recap
- a slideshow of 10 of my photos (along with 1 of the farm animals!)
- links to slideshows of photos from the local newspapers
- a link to the video where I make a brief appearance

So, CLICK HERE to check out that article, my photos, and those links (including the video link)

And just to be a "tease," here's ONE more photo of the farm animals to tide you over for a while. This one did NOT make my Examiner article. It's the start of a messy 3-way:

Don't worry - this barnyard 3-way didn't last long. After a moment, the cow joined in and it became a 4-way....


Again, CLICK HERE to check out all the local photos and videos from the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. Back with more shortly! (Oh, and check out my TC 10 Mile race report below if you haven't seen it yet.)


Forward Foot Strides 7:55 AM, October 05, 2010  

lol that bird looks totally violated.

Dr. TriRunner 7:56 AM, October 05, 2010  

Holy BUCKETS Steve! I wish I could have been cheering for you at the chute, but I was in briefing in the med tent!! I DID get my Athlete Tracker text that you KILLED it though!! Congratulations!

and yes, that DM was for your phone #. I thought you were going to the expo on Friday!

Steve Stenzel 8:36 AM, October 05, 2010  

Forward Foot Strides, that bird WAS totally violated. ;)

And thanks Dr!!!

Adam 9:28 AM, October 05, 2010  

Bwaqahahahahahahaha. AWESOME

t-odd 11:22 AM, October 05, 2010  

I don't know what f**ked up farms you knew as a kid, but I have never seen a "raccoon farm" or a "moose farm." That's some weird sh*t right there. (Oh, that picture is kind of strange as well, but nothing that hasn't been seen elsewhere on the interwebs - or so I've been told.)

t-odd 11:22 AM, October 05, 2010  
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