Official Photos from the TC 10 Mile

>> Monday, October 11, 2010

( a few from my friends)

I bumped into Kerry Yndestad near the start of the race. He ended up grabbing 2 shots of me that he put in his highlight video:

The calm before the storm

Around mile 1 (before ditching the gloves and taking off the hat)

At mile 8 where Julia got a photo of me, Sean was on the other side of the road taking photos of me too:

Running up to Victoria

A little visible swass

My finishing photos get worse as they go! Check these out:

Still looking OK, feeling like death

Looking a little strained, but OOOHHH sweet bicep shot

The coveted "one-legged pirate stopping his watch" finishers photo!

Ditto. But look at my mouth SOOOO open.



...more awkward...

...just let me hang here and catch my breath.

Horribly awkward stance with jaw coming unhinged to try to breathe!

Then it was time to dress up and cheer for the marathon runners (click here for photos and click here for the video). Guy (one of my wife's distance running buddies) ran by, took a photo of us animals, and finished without us even seeing him! I had to see this photo on Facebook before I realized that Guy ran past!

Cow, Chicken, and Moose cheering with their family,
with the Raccoon headless in the middle hanging out with his GF.

Julie ran by and grabbed a photo, only she didn't know we were there. Here's her photo with under a mile to go in the marathon:

Look closely towards the right - that's us!


What a great day! First a solid PR, then some animal cheering!


Unknown 9:32 AM, October 11, 2010  

Great pictures Steve. I have to say I would have been disappointed to see you not hurting running at that pace. :) Thanks for sharing!

Steve Stenzel 11:43 AM, October 11, 2010  

.... my coach would have been disappointed too.

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