>> Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hello World. I’d like to introduce you to 4 new triathletes!!

Me, Sarah, Trent, Evan, Hannah, and Pharmie before the race

Evan starting the swim

Sarah starting the run

Trent finishing the run

Hannah hitting the finish line

All of them did it, and they seem to be excited to do it again!! Those 4 did SOOO GOOD!! I’m so proud and thrilled for all of them!!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a bunch of photos of these 4 racing - tomorrow’s post will be all about them and their virgin triathlon. And then I’ll have my full race report a day or 2 later. So check back tomorrow to hear about their first race at the Chisago Lakes Triathlon!


X-Country2 5:54 PM, July 26, 2009  

Congrats to the crew! Can't wait to see pics.

B.o.B. 6:32 PM, July 26, 2009  

Big congrats and well done all around!

Stefanie 6:51 PM, July 26, 2009  

Great Job CVA Tri Club!

Jim Smith II 6:53 PM, July 26, 2009  

Congratulations to the students AND their teacher (and the teacher's wife). Great job by everyone, and they look to be having fun too!

Mark Baker 7:15 PM, July 26, 2009  

Congrats to all four of them. There are too many people who sit by and wish they did stuff like this. Way to not be one of them.

Trishie 7:22 PM, July 26, 2009  

congrats, guys ! way to go !

M 7:42 PM, July 26, 2009  

WHOOOO HOOOO!!!!! Wonderful news! Congrats to all of you!!!

Unknown 8:01 PM, July 26, 2009  

Congratulations to all!

Lindsay 8:18 PM, July 26, 2009  

congrats to all! glad to hear they are hooked :) great pics!!

Kin 8:37 PM, July 26, 2009  

Congratulations triathletes!

Jumper 2.0 8:45 PM, July 26, 2009  

Of course they did it. Look at the coach they have! Congratulations to everybody.

C 4:45 AM, July 27, 2009  

Congrats to the new triathletes!

Anonymous,  6:27 AM, July 27, 2009  

Very nice. Congratulations to you all.

joyRuN 7:03 AM, July 27, 2009  

Very awesome! Congrats to the new triathletes :D

Gabriel Losa 7:37 AM, July 27, 2009  

Congratulations CVA Triathlon Club!!!

Can´t wait so see the bunch of pics!

Mike 7:54 AM, July 27, 2009  

Awesome job everyone!!!

Anonymous,  12:23 PM, July 27, 2009  

Wow, this is why I like this blog! If I keep hearing inspiring stories like this, I might...I said MIGHT consider doing a triathlon myself someday. Congrats, triathletes! ~Danielle G.

MissAllycat 3:05 PM, July 27, 2009  

I love Freshly Minted Triathletes. Congrats to all of you - YOU KICK ASS. And also look good in spandex. :)

Runner Leana 3:53 PM, July 27, 2009  

Congratulations to the whole crew! They really rocked their first race!!!!! Nicely done guys!

Anonymous,  7:46 PM, July 27, 2009  

Congratulations everyone!!! How exciting to read the race reports and see how everyone's day went too! Awesome job guys!!

Taconite Boy 9:37 PM, July 28, 2009  

Well Done Newbies!!!

Newbies no more.

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