Pre-Race Swim and Pasta!!

>> Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pharmie and I just kicked out Trent, Evan, Hannah, and Sarah after they enjoyed a great pasta meal! They all came over around 3, we headed up to Chisago City to hear a “course talk,” picked up our packets, and tested Chisago Lake.

Quick course talk

Sarah, Trent, me, Evan, and Hannah pre-swim

Headed in
(you can see the “short course” buoys)

Post swim

“ let’s take an awkward one!”

Evan, Sarah, Hannah, Trent, and Pharmie eating pasta

Homemade pasta, watermelon, and garlic toast
(as well as Sarah’s finger - weirdo.)

We also looked at all the comments you all left on Friday’s post. They LOVED hearing what you had to say! They especially loved to see that 2 pro triathletes (Linsey Corbin and Bree Wee) left words of advice and encouragement! Thank you ALL for your thoughts, comments, and happy words of encouragement for these 4 soon-to-be triathletes!

I really enjoyed Jim’s comment that wraps up the attitude I’m trying to impart on these 4: “Question: What do you call the person that finishes last in a Triathlon? Answer: A Triathlete!”

I hope to be back tomorrow evening with a quick post that starts with “They all did it!!” Wish them luck!


Mark Baker 9:00 PM, July 25, 2009  

I'm sure they'll all finish and finish well.

Can't wait to read about it.

The triathlete who did finish last. Twice. And loved every minute of it.

Brian 10:31 PM, July 25, 2009  

Best of luck on the race. Kick some buttay

Marni Sumbal, MS, RD 5:01 AM, July 26, 2009  

Good luck and have so much fun!!! That meal looks yummy!!!

Coach Liz 8:21 AM, July 26, 2009  

Good Luck!!! I cannot wait to hear all the details.

Tracy 9:38 AM, July 26, 2009  

Have a great race guys!!!

Stefanie 9:48 AM, July 26, 2009  

I am way jealous of your homemade pasta.

Hope everyone is having a blast!

Gabriel Losa 1:54 PM, July 26, 2009  

Oh, I´m SOOO curious!!!

Jess 3:31 PM, July 26, 2009  

Hope it went well and everyone had fun!

Lindsay 7:12 PM, July 26, 2009  

very cool about the pro shoutouts! way out-trumps all us common folk :)

hope everyone had fun!!

The Boring Runner 5:14 PM, July 27, 2009  

I think that Trent won in having the most awkward pose.

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