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>> Sunday, July 12, 2009

1. Hit By A Car:

Sarah, a member of the “CVA Tri Club,” was swiped by a car while biking yesterday. She’s fine, but she was pretty shook up. We spent the morning together at the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon (we biked there together), and she was struck on her way home after the race. I had been home for 10 minutes when the phone rang. I zipped down to where she was hit and brought some ice packs. Luckily, she just had a few scrapes on her ankle, leg, and arm, as well as a goose-egg on her head. I sat with her on Summit Ave for 40 minutes while the cops finished getting their info, and while she was waiting for her Mom to pick her up to take her to the hospital. Sarah got a few different scans on her head, and everything is A-OK.

The accident was actually Sarah’s fault. She tried to make a left turn without looking far enough over her shoulder to see if any traffic was coming from behind. She feels REALLY dumb that it happened, and she was REALLY lucky. This just serves as another reminder to be careful out there and to wear your helmet!!

This morning, when I hopped on Facebook, I saw Sarah’s status from last night:

She got right back on the horse. Good girl. You can’t keep her down.

2. Pro Triathlete Sighting:

On to some more upbeat news. About an hour before Sarah was hit, we were getting ready to leave the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon. We had just cheered Cynthia, another member of the “CVA Tri Club,” to the finish of her first Olympic Distance Triathlon!! Congrats Cynthia!! Anyway, as we were leaving, I spotted professional triathlete Becky Lavelle sitting on the curb. I shouted “Congratulations on your finish, Becky!” (She had just finished 3rd overall.) She smiled, waved, and said “Thanks.”

A moment later, I asked Sarah if she wanted a photo with Becky. She smiled and said yes. We turned around and asked her for a photo with us:

Becky’s taller than I had imagined...

Sitting on the ground right next to Sarah in that photo is Becky’s oversized winner’s check for placing third. I think we should have had that in the photo too...

I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon with a TON of great photos of all the professionals who raced yesterday, as well as Cynthia’s first Oly, and all my friends who raced as well. Stop back tomorrow to see a bunch of great shots from this great triathlon!

3. Brick Workout Today:

This morning, I hopped on my bike for a good 32 mile ride. I did some minor hills (small rollers along the river) for the first 10 miles, then I shot down to the end of the Greenway and back.

- First 10 miles of rollers: 20.0 mph average
- Next 11 miles (flat): 20.3 mph average
- Final 11 miles (flat): 20.0 mph average at the finish

Those last 11 miles were pretty killer. They were into the (slight) breeze, and my legs were toast. I tried to push hard throughout most of the ride. I grabbed a photo when I got home, but it’s all sweaty and gross, so I won’t show you.

I spent exactly 4 minutes “transitioning” to the run: I took my bike inside, peed, had a gel and some water, threw on my running shorts, and hit the road again. Before the ride, I set out my new Brooks “Adrenaline” running shoes, and they were ready to go on a hard, fast 3 miler.

- Mile 1: 6:36. Easing into it.
- Mile 2: 6:05. Upping the pace. Legs burning.
- Mile 3: 5:57. NEARLY an all-out sprint. Nice.

- Total: 18:38 (6:13 / mile)

Nice hard run, nice negative split, little-to-no heel pain! I stretched for a while, and then rewarded myself with Chipotle. This will be my last “killer” workout before the Chisago Sprint Triathlon in 2 weeks!

4. Monkey Giveaway Reminder:

Read my last post. You can easily win some delicious and nutritious Monkey by commenting on my last post. You only have through tomorrow morning at 6 am!

So check back tomorrow morning to see if you’ve won any Monkey, and then check back tomorrow afternoon to see a photographic run-down of the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon (with all my friends and all the pros) that took place yesterday! Happy Sunday!!


Gabriel Losa 4:52 PM, July 12, 2009  

Hey, take care out there, Sarah!
So glad you are ok!

Good that you are back on the horse, cool tattoo´s lady!!

jen 5:32 PM, July 12, 2009  

Wow, so glad Sarah is ok! How scary. You are helping create some pretty hard core athletes though, I like it.

Great brick workout! Very speedy.

Lindsay 5:35 PM, July 12, 2009  

i definitely could run that fast alone, esp not after a strong bike! nice job.

glad sarah is ok!! scary, but she hopped right back on it :)

B.o.B. 6:27 PM, July 12, 2009  

and that is why i don't own a bicycle. yet. (seriously can they just have tri's with swimming, running, and hopscotch? i'd so win.)

good for sarah for getting back out there and great workout steve.

Unknown 7:06 PM, July 12, 2009  

It's good to know Sarah is okay and back on the bike.

A big YES to helmets, all the time!

Stef0115 7:45 PM, July 12, 2009  

So glad Sarah is okay and YOU are so awesome for the support you give to the sport and the athletes in the "CVA Tri Club."

They are lucky to have you!!!!

GoBigGreen 7:56 PM, July 12, 2009  

I am so glad she is ok! Summit is bad, and so is Grand. Just too much going on, and too many doors and people milling about.
Good wko on the Brick, Steve. You are ready!

triguyjt 8:16 PM, July 12, 2009  

I am glad Sarah is okay!!!!

Your 3 miler run had some real quicks to it...good job steve!!

Jen Rife 9:51 PM, July 12, 2009  

Glad to hear Sarah is OK and more importantly, that she wasn't afraid to get back on the bike. What a trooper!

teacherwoman 9:55 PM, July 12, 2009  

That is so scary that she got hit. Glad to hear she is alright.

Iron Girl Nyhus 11:12 PM, July 12, 2009  

Since when do you not pst a gross sweaty photo :)

Diana 12:05 AM, July 13, 2009  

Glad to hear Sarah did not get seriously hurt and way to hop right back on the saddle!!
Sweet meeting a "pro"....
NICE brick!

Wes 2:38 AM, July 13, 2009  

Sarah is very lucky. This morning (Sunday morning) after I got off of work, the first thing my wife told me was about a biker not so fortunate just a few miles from my home and where I bike. He was actually a string advocate of cycling rights and taught defensive cycling courses in our state. Glad she's OK.


libgyrl 8:22 AM, July 13, 2009  

Great to see you on Saturday - and seconds on the wear a helmet and be careful! Glad Sarah (whose take on the bum from the running race I luved) is well and riding again.

xt4 8:43 AM, July 13, 2009  

Wow. Glad she's okay - I enjoyed meeting her (however briefly) at the race. Way to get back on the bike, Sarah! And thanks for coming out you guys!

Mel-2nd Chances 8:54 AM, July 13, 2009  

Glad Sarah is ok and back at it! Very cool that you got to meet Becky!

Marlene 8:55 AM, July 13, 2009  

Thank goodness Sarah was okay - scary!

Congrats to Cynthia!

Awesome brick workout for you.

Mike 9:32 AM, July 13, 2009  

Glad to hear Sarah is ok and got right back on the road!

The Boring Runner 10:26 AM, July 13, 2009  

Wow, drivers REALLY need to share the road. I hear more and more about people getting smacked by cars - regardless of whose fault it was. Hopefully she scratched the car up real bad like when you (Steve) were clipped by a car w/ your yaktrax on.

Ryan 11:57 AM, July 13, 2009  

Yeah, I'll echo the "she's a badass" sentiment.

Thankfully, she wasn't hurt too badly, and she learned to own the lane before turning left.

Kim 12:25 PM, July 13, 2009  

so glad that sarah is okay - that is super scary!

woohoo for whooping that bricks ass!

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