THEE Big Event This Weekend!!

>> Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yep. The Big Day is nearing. This Sunday is the day that 4 (maybe 5) students from the “CVA Triathlon Club” will be finishing their FIRST EVER TRIATHLON!! We’ll all be doing the Chisago Lakes Sprint Triathlon. Pharmie will be there too, doing the Half IM. And I have a LOT of blogger buddies doing the race, so it should be a great day!

Keep all of them in your thoughts this weekend!!

In other news, I was out of town on a great family vacation this past weekend!! On Sunday morning, I did a flat, 20 mile, interval bike ride. It was a SOLID push, but I had hoped to have a better average. On Monday afternoon, I did an 800 meter open water swim in breezy, wavy conditions. It was a good “confidence booster” as Pharmie put it.

Then yesterday, back in the Cities, I did 4 x 800 meters on the track. That would be my last intense workout before the triathlon. I didn’t want to do too many, because I didn’t want to get too sore just a few days before the race - it was just going to be a quick, speedy workout. I gave myself 90 seconds rest in between, and I ran 2:34, 2:32, 2:30, and 2:30 (average of 2:31.5 / 800).

Here’s a quick photo of me with my ADORABLE nephew Ian while we were on vacation this weekend:

Here’s Auntie Pharmie with Ian on the docks:

One of my prouder moments this weekend came from when I completely passed “Big Buck Hunter” in the arcade, while shattering the high score by over 9000 points. My cousin Michael pointed out that I had killed 48 deer. Sweet.

Check back this weekend to see how the CVA Tri Club members fared at their first triathlon!! Wish them luck!!


Sixteen Chickens 8:08 AM, July 23, 2009  

It's about time there was an "adorable baby" post on this blog.

Good luck all of Twin Cities blogland this weekend!

Steve Stenzel 8:20 AM, July 23, 2009  

Sixteen Chickens - are you my Mom?....


Unknown 8:36 AM, July 23, 2009  

Good luck to them on their first tri! How exciting. And your nephew is SO CUTE

Christi 8:53 AM, July 23, 2009  

Good Luck to all doing the tri this weekend! I look forward to reading the Race Report!

B.o.B. 9:29 AM, July 23, 2009  

Best of luck to the first time tri-ers. And yes that is an adorable baby. You guys got the fever? (Also not your mom)

Unknown 9:30 AM, July 23, 2009  

Pass along my good luck wishes to your students! They will do great! (and a good luck to you and Pharmie as well!)

Unknown 9:35 AM, July 23, 2009  

Best of luck to you all!

Rachel 10:40 AM, July 23, 2009  

Good luck! You guys will do awesome. My fam is from that area and I'd have gone up to watch this year but I have obligations.

Gabriel Losa 11:17 AM, July 23, 2009  

I´ll be sending happy and good thoughts this weekend all the way to the Chisago Lakes!
Good look to you all, specially to the guys from the CVA Triathlon Club!!!



Coach Liz 11:47 AM, July 23, 2009  

Watch out PETA may come after you for the unethical treatment of virtual animals.

Relatives kids are great. You get to play with them for a little bit and get them all riled up and then you hand them back to the parents and leave.

Good Luck this weekend to you, Pharmie, and the CVA Tri Club!

Borsch 11:54 AM, July 23, 2009 biat*h slapped everyone else who has every played that machine!

Regina 12:29 PM, July 23, 2009  

I thought my event was THE big event of the weekend...sigh. I guess I will have to play nice and share.

Good luck!!

I am so glad they got rid of that game in my local pub. My 3 year old was obsessed with it and I hate guns. (ok what is wrong with this sentence? pub, 3 y/o...?)

RBR 1:23 PM, July 23, 2009  

Good luck to the CVA tri Team!!

You two look awfully natural with that beautiful baby...

I am just saying.

Carolina John 2:24 PM, July 23, 2009  

Good luck to all of the cva club folks! your first triathlon is very special, i remember mine well. it was just last summer.

Marlene 3:10 PM, July 23, 2009  

Good luck all around!

BaddApple 3:59 PM, July 23, 2009  

Steve I was thinking about doing that race next year. Sprint of Half Iron Man. You will have to let me know if if its a good course for your first Half Iron or maybe Square lake. Thanks!

richvans 4:52 PM, July 23, 2009  

Not quite a blogger buddy - but I'll be doing the sprint. I'll keep my eyes out for the bowl of sunshine. BaddApple - I wouldn't recommend Square Lake for a first 1/2 unless you really like hilly courses. Haven't done Chisago 1/2 so I can't say.

MtngirlinCali 10:39 PM, July 23, 2009  

Good luck to the CVAers! It looks like you have prepped them well, so they will be like old pros out there. :)

joyRuN 7:27 AM, July 24, 2009  

Good luck to everyone! Have a fun weekend :)

Chic Runner 3:58 PM, July 24, 2009  

Well you FREAKS. I say that nicely, because I would NEVER be near a tri. :) I congratulate you in advance because you are brave and you are all going to ROCK. If you can put up with Steve then this should be a piece of cake. I kid. :) Have a great day and soak it all in. It's such a huge accomplishment! Can't wait to see the recap! Good luck!

Irish Cream 6:59 PM, July 24, 2009  

Yay, good luck CVA Tri-ers! Y'all are ready to rock this thing (how could you not be with Steve as your valiant leader!). Can't wait to read the race report detailing all of you kicking some major arse! :)

Kate 7:45 PM, July 24, 2009  

Good luck to the soon-to-be new triathletes!!!!

I wish for each of you a successful race, whatever that means for you.

Run your own races. Know that when it is scary or when it hurts it ALWAYS gets better. You will all be wonderful.

Good luck.

b 5:56 PM, July 25, 2009  

Good Luck to Sarah, Hannah, Evan, and Trent at your 1st triathalon tomorrow!!! Steve is an awesome guy and a very highly motivating coach also! His coaching helded me thru a though run last August at Steelhead...GO TEAM STENZEL GO!!!


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