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>> Saturday, July 11, 2009

First, a quick update on an old giveaway: Remember the "Tales of a Virgin Athlete" Contest that I hosted a few months back? The top 3 vote getters won a bunch of Drymax Socks. Mike won the contest with his inspirational story, and soon this photo appeared on his Facebook page:

I just heard back from Gabriel, the second place winner. He lives in South America, so there were some shipping (and then some customs) problems. But, earlier this week, he just sent me this great photo:

Enjoy the socks!!!

- - Now, on to the current giveaway!! - -

Who wants some Monkey? I’ve been a fan of the “Monkey Shake” for a while now. It's a homemade recovery / meal replacement drink from Chris at 10:10 Wellness. It contains rolled oats, whey protein, chia seeds, and RenewPro (another kind of whey protein). Click here to read all about it on the 10:10 site.

You can mix it with other things to make it more delicious. Here’s my personal set-up that I shared with you all a few weeks back:

Milk, frozen berries, a few ice cubes, and a naner (yes, a “naner”) go into the blender, and the Monkey Shake gets sprinkled on top:

What results is hearty and delicious:

I like to have a good Monkey after a hard workout to “kick start” muscle repair. These photos are from when I made a Monkey Shake after my last Olympic Distance triathlon. I usually make it with berries, sometimes I use a banana, and one time I made it with fresh-squeezed OJ from my grandparents, and that was GREAT!

If you don't want to wait to see if you've won, you can purchase your own Monkey. Here's my recent shipment, and at 2 servings per baggie, that's a LOT of Monkey:

So a "giveaway" is good news, but this is even BETTER news: If you use the coupon code "steveinaspeedo" (without the quotes), you'll get 25% off ANYTHING that you get from 10:10 Wellness - clothing, Monkey, anything!! So check out 10:10 Wellness.

Giveaway Rules:

Comment on this post to get your name in the hat to win some Monkey Shake. Comment once anytime before 6 am Central Time on Monday morning.

You must be from the US or Canada. (Or have someone in the US or Canada that I can send this to.)

I'll draw 2 winners at random, and I'll post the winners ASAP on Monday morning (probably around 9 am Central Time). Each winner will win 10 baggies (20 servings) of Monkey Shake! That's a $45.00 value for each winner!

If you're not a blogger, you can still comment, saying something like "Hey, this is John Doe from Detroit. Give me Monkey!" But if that's the case, make sure to check back on Monday to see if you've won - I may have no way of contacting you!

I'm off to watch some friends and some pros compete at the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon! Should be fun!! Happy Weekend!

Note: In the name of full disclosure, this giveaway was NOT the idea of 10:10 Wellness. This was my idea. And I'm the one giving away the Monkey from my own personal Monkey stash. I'm an "Instigator" for 10:10 Wellness, which means I help Chris spread the word of his little tri site. But I'm just giving away some Monkey because I seriously think the stuff works wonders, and I want others to try it too! So please, leave a comment to be entered!


Anonymous,  5:41 AM, July 11, 2009  

I think it's too early to think of a funny monkey comment, though I'm sure you could have done it...but I'm thinking how great a Monkey would be after some tough miles. Great Giveaway!

sRod 6:03 AM, July 11, 2009  

I'd like some monkey for when I'm funky (i.e., smelly after a long run). Sign me up!

Thanks Steve!

Oz Runner 6:10 AM, July 11, 2009  

sounds like good stuff, count me in...the name reminds me of that old SNL skit "Do you want to touch my monkey?"

Teenage Tri Queen 6:26 AM, July 11, 2009  

OOOO I would love some monkey.. thanks for doing this giveaway!

gmgizmo9 6:29 AM, July 11, 2009  

My cousin used to have a monkey...does that count? I can even send you a picture of my aunt holding it!

Jennifer Cunnane 6:43 AM, July 11, 2009  

Sign me up! I definitely would like to try the Monkey Shake!! I might even swap with you and send a photo of monkeys who live here in my home with me!

Nathaniel 6:53 AM, July 11, 2009  

Steve, Thats some sweet monkey juice you got there. I would love to try it out and see if it makes me a monkey and crush the field. Sign me up for the giveaway. Thanks and great posting. I can't wait for the Friday's post every week.

Laura 7:03 AM, July 11, 2009  

I would love to try the monkey! Sign me up please!

LittleRachet 7:06 AM, July 11, 2009  

Throw my name in the hat!

P.S. Thanks for the nice comment on my mom's race report! I think she's going to start her own blog very soon!!!

Keith 7:36 AM, July 11, 2009  

I'll give it a try, add my name to the hat.

Man some of you are up early on a Sat. The things we'll do for free stuff!

Unknown 7:37 AM, July 11, 2009  

First socks, then monkey...next a sock monkey?

Pls toss my name in the hat. :-)

Amy 7:41 AM, July 11, 2009  

I'd love to try the monkey!!

Anonymous,  7:44 AM, July 11, 2009  

hey steve this is jeff from janesville wisconsin. i am actually your last winner mikes brother in law, and i would love me some monkey

Belly 7:58 AM, July 11, 2009  

Hey Steve! Belly here -- hope you're well. I'm still looking for the best recovery drink, so I'd love to try some Monkey! Wait. Hmmm. That sounds weird. I'm a vegetarian, you know... :)

Shannon 8:13 AM, July 11, 2009  

"Stick me with your Monkey!"

Lauren Starks 8:34 AM, July 11, 2009  

Why can't you do it?
Why can't you set your monkey free?
Always giving in to it -
Do you love your monkey or do you love me?
Why can't you do it
Why do I have to share my baby with a monkey?
with a monkey

See, now you're going to sing some George Michael ALL weekend and be forced to give me the Monkey to appease the lyric god.


D Nyce 8:43 AM, July 11, 2009  

I want Monkey. :)

Sign me up. Darlene Nyce from Fuquay Varina, NC. darlene.nyce@gmail.com.

Carolina John 8:52 AM, July 11, 2009  

I had a monkey shake yesterday! it's fantastic stuff. Send me some monkey!

Eric Mellow 9:02 AM, July 11, 2009  

I've recently been reading about how good chia seeds are for you. I'd love to try some monkey!!! :)

B.o.B. 9:12 AM, July 11, 2009  

Blender? Check.
Naner? Check.
Ice? Check.
Blueberries? Check.
Monkey? Hmm, Nope.

Bring it on Steve.

Kris 9:17 AM, July 11, 2009  

Love to try the Monkey shake! Thx.

Smithers 9:51 AM, July 11, 2009  

Monkeys are awesome...almost as awesome as sharks, which reminds me of this: http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/sea/1192150038.html

Great giveaway...sign me up!

Irish Cream 10:00 AM, July 11, 2009  

I wouldn't mind some monkey! :) I've been wanting to try it since you first started posting about it! Thanks for hosting the giveaway and have fun spectating!! :)

Unknown 10:22 AM, July 11, 2009  

This is a VERY exciting giveaway! I usually make my smoothies just like the one you have pictured, only minus the monkey business, but I'm always looking for more ingredients to help with recovery!

Julia 10:36 AM, July 11, 2009  

sweet giveaway! I just got a Magic Bullet last weekend so I can finally make some smoothies! Yay monkey!

Lindsay 10:51 AM, July 11, 2009  

pick me pick me! i would love to see how a little monkey magic perks up my marathon running :)

Stef0115 10:53 AM, July 11, 2009  

Hi Steve, I definitely want to win this one! Monkey sounds delicious.

THANKS for the discount code! I will definitely check out the site over the weekend.

Meli Mel 11:05 AM, July 11, 2009  

I'd love to get my hands on your monkey - wait that sounds dirty; I'm referring to the shake...Thanks Steve!!

Tall Girl Running 11:06 AM, July 11, 2009  

My middle name is Monkey. Sign me up!

Mark Baker 11:08 AM, July 11, 2009  

I'd be interested in trying this stuff. Sign me up, please.

Nicole 11:23 AM, July 11, 2009  

swing my name into the monkey mix!! What a great idea :)

Tom P. 12:03 PM, July 11, 2009  

Hey, this is John Doe from Detroit. Give me Monkey!

Acutally, I'm Tom from Detroit, but I'd still like some Monkey!

Lee 12:45 PM, July 11, 2009  

My kids love Monkeys, so send us some Monkey mix. Love reading your blog btw, keeps me entertained at work!

KC 12:46 PM, July 11, 2009  

First time commenter hoping to win me some Monkey. Also, once I saw you running on Cleveland Ave. by St. Thomas. Felt a little like a stalker, but then remembered you do post a lot of photos of yourself on the internet. ;)

Mohammad Arfeen 1:03 PM, July 11, 2009  

I could use some monkey

Mo in chicago

Judi 2:04 PM, July 11, 2009  

hey i sent you pix of MY socks too.....

Obi-Run Kenobi 2:08 PM, July 11, 2009  

Sign me up! I composed a haiku to sum up my initial feeling about Monkey mix.

Monkey shake looks good.
Name makes me think of
The Temple of Doom

Tim 2:35 PM, July 11, 2009  

Monkey Monkey Monkey Monkey Monkey Monkey Monkey Monkey-a snake-a snakey snake!

majorcane 2:52 PM, July 11, 2009  

Throw my name into the hat too.

-Mark from "The Bucket"

Velma 2:53 PM, July 11, 2009  

Show me the monkey!!

Lindsay 3:08 PM, July 11, 2009  

I'm always game for some Monkeyin' around :)

JT 3:16 PM, July 11, 2009  

Sign me up for the monkey!

Stefanie 3:46 PM, July 11, 2009  

I am in for the Monkey!!!!!!

Nat 3:51 PM, July 11, 2009  

Good seeing you Steve! I want MONKEY!

Jim Smith II 4:02 PM, July 11, 2009  

Checky Monkey! Put my name in the hat please!!

Georgia Snail 4:15 PM, July 11, 2009  

"Hey, this is John Doe from Detroit. Give me Monkey!"

Sharon,  4:31 PM, July 11, 2009  

I would sure like some monkey! cool giveaway :)

Musing Runner 4:37 PM, July 11, 2009  

I want some monkey lovin'


Jean Kracke 4:48 PM, July 11, 2009  

Hi! It's Jean from CT. I have been thinking about trying the monkey. Training for my first 70.3 in September, so I would love to win!

RunningLaur 4:51 PM, July 11, 2009  

Looks like some delicious monkey :) every one's comments are hilarious!

Libby 6:07 PM, July 11, 2009  

I'm in! sounds awesome :)

Marlene 6:07 PM, July 11, 2009  

I'd love to try some monkey! Sounds awesome, so I may check it out anyway!

RoadBunner 6:47 PM, July 11, 2009  

I was born in the year of the Monkey. It is meant to be :)

Kitzzy 7:02 PM, July 11, 2009  

I'm dying to try out the Monkey! Thanks for doing this!

The Boring Runner 7:07 PM, July 11, 2009  

Gah, now I have the Beastie Boys song in my head - THANKS SRod.

Gimmie gimmie

Unknown 7:54 PM, July 11, 2009  

I'd like to try some monkey...sign me up!!

Unknown 8:18 PM, July 11, 2009  

I need some Monkey in my life. Sign me up!

Julie 8:34 PM, July 11, 2009  

MMMMMM....Monkey! It looks so good! If I don't win, I'm definitely buying some.

Anonymous,  8:40 PM, July 11, 2009  

Pick me please!! I love monkey shake its awesome!!!

runningyankee 8:50 PM, July 11, 2009  

love to add some monkey to my smoothies!!

Des Corbett 8:52 PM, July 11, 2009  

I'll bite...I love recovery shakes, and I love smoothies! How much better could it be?! Pick me and i'll find out! Thanks for the entertaining stuff, Steve.

Des Corbett

Tri Girl 9:25 PM, July 11, 2009  

From Kansas City.... I want to touch the monkey!!!!!

Anne K

Anonymous,  9:41 PM, July 11, 2009  

Hey Steve- can you RANDOMLY pick me? ; - ) The monkey needs to come to FL!! Christine

Kate 9:41 PM, July 11, 2009  

"I like to have a good Monkey after a hard workout to “kick start” muscle repair."

That just sounds plain weird but whatever works for ya. Wink wink.

Jen Rife 9:45 PM, July 11, 2009  

Ooh, I want some! Sign me up!

P.S. Thanks for coming out and cheering this a.m.!

Tyger Lily 9:55 PM, July 11, 2009  

Thanks Steve!

I just ordered some with the great discount!

Dave M 11:36 PM, July 11, 2009  

Monkey get in my belly! Pick me, Steve!

Anonymous,  12:10 AM, July 12, 2009  

My name is Carmen and I demand some Monkey!! Please:D

CK 3:52 AM, July 12, 2009  

Steve, ever thought about an Xterra race?

Tasty Health Food 5:16 AM, July 12, 2009  

I would enjoy some monkeyness!

Regina 7:38 AM, July 12, 2009  

I want that monkey on my back!!

TriGirl Kate O 8:00 AM, July 12, 2009  

Steve, I'll save you the shipping costs and come take the Monkey off your back (I'll be in Mnpls on Aug 18th visiting Julia!)
Would love to meet you, finally.

Sadie J 8:44 AM, July 12, 2009  

Monkey Please! Sounds yummy!

Anne 9:57 AM, July 12, 2009  

What a clever way to get lots of comments! :)

The Monkey sounds great, count me in and I will be sure to check out 10:10 Wellness. Thanks!

TriJenPB 10:08 AM, July 12, 2009  

I'm game for a little monkeying around :) Love your blog btw!

Jess Jones,  10:41 AM, July 12, 2009  

I'm such a lurker on here and a bunch of other running blogs but this shake sounds delicious and I want it! :) -Jess

Wendy,  10:48 AM, July 12, 2009  

Looks awesome, I'll try some of that Monkey!

Eric Mellow 11:51 AM, July 12, 2009  

P.S. I'm friends with KT, so if I win I'll give her half. That's a two for one deal! How can you pass that up? Seriously, I'm not monkeying around. :)

Joy | Love | Chaos 1:21 PM, July 12, 2009  

This morning I managed to get blisters on BOTH of my feet! I NEED SOME SOCKS.

And I like shakes.

Pick me. PICK ME!

jen,  2:08 PM, July 12, 2009  

Hi Steve, this is Jen H. from Ohio. I'm hoping to win some of your monkey stash!

Ms. R 2:41 PM, July 12, 2009  

I want some Monkey!!! :)

Unknown 2:57 PM, July 12, 2009  

I'd love to try some Monkey, as soon as this stress fracture on my foot heals! :)

Jeff Bent 3:42 PM, July 12, 2009  

Jeff in Apple Valley MN wants Steve's Monkey! I mean I want his shake! No wait, that came out wrong. You know what I mean. Just send me the stuff and we'll forget this ever happened.

Mae 3:51 PM, July 12, 2009  

If I shared the Monkey Shake w/ my 2 1/2 year old monkey, er uh son, would that make him more monkier? That is the question. I am so in!

Strongmama 4:14 PM, July 12, 2009  

Monkey Monkey all around and not a drop to drink. I need a little bit more monkey..or something like that. Sign me up!!!

adrianne 4:35 PM, July 12, 2009  

hi my name is adrianne, and oooh, monkey sounds delicious and nutritious! i've been "stalking" for a while - love your blog!

David 6:46 PM, July 12, 2009  

Just like a race, I am 84th

trigirl82 6:50 PM, July 12, 2009  

Don't listen to the others, you should pick me... Clearly. :-)

Kelly 6:56 PM, July 12, 2009  

Woo! I'm in for anything free!

Badgergirl 7:50 PM, July 12, 2009  

Hey Steve, throw my name in the hat. I'd love to try some Monkey!

Ms. Caddywumpus 8:11 PM, July 12, 2009  

I so wanted to be number 100 to get some Monkey, but I'll settle for 99. That's Gretzky's number. That must be lucky.

Show me the Monkey!

Ms. Caddywumpus 8:11 PM, July 12, 2009  

I so wanted to be number 100 to get some Monkey, but I'll settle for 99. That's Gretzky's number. That must be lucky.

Show me the Monkey!

Katie 8:21 PM, July 12, 2009  


I mean monkey, show me the monkey!

Awesome giveaway Steve...Sign me up. :)

Christi 8:21 PM, July 12, 2009  

I would like to try some of the Monkey!!!

Wingnut 8:28 PM, July 12, 2009  

Hey, send some monkey my way!!

Pinkcorker (Renee) 8:47 PM, July 12, 2009  

Send some monkey to the Sonoran desert!

Tracy G.,  9:04 PM, July 12, 2009  

Show me the monkey!!

B,  9:42 PM, July 12, 2009  

Put my name in...my wife loves monkey. Heh.


Anonymous,  9:47 PM, July 12, 2009  

I'll spank the monkey if you send it to me:)

on another "monkey" note- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFGyq1xcKEU

teacherwoman 9:57 PM, July 12, 2009  

Oooh oooh oooh! I want some monkey shakes?!

filoli 10:23 PM, July 12, 2009  

monkey, monkey, monkey, MONKEY!

filoli 10:23 PM, July 12, 2009  

monkey, monkey, monkey, MONKEY!

Katie 10:24 PM, July 12, 2009  

Hi Steve! This is Katie from the Twin Cities and I love your blog and free stuff, so please throw me in the drawing! Thanks!

NW Bicyclist 11:26 PM, July 12, 2009  

This is a great giveaway! I'm Andrew from Canal Fulton, OH. GIVE ME SOME MONKEY!!!

EatRantRun 1:14 AM, July 13, 2009  

The number of comments is crazy. If I win, you can split the amount and name another winner to share the monkey love, because honestly, how often do you get to say that? Monkey love.

Priscilla from Oklahoma,  5:50 AM, July 13, 2009  

I love smoothies and it would be so cool to all it a Monkey Shake instead. I try my first Tri in Sept. Thanks for the contest!

libgyrl 8:23 AM, July 13, 2009  

Oh Oh Oh, can I still enter...my clock says 8:23 CST on Monday morning. It's Libgyrl and I'll this IM training has be HUNGRY! ;)

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