Friday Funny 45: Drunk People Doing Yoga

>> Friday, July 17, 2009

You always thought they were just passed out. It never occurred to you that they might actually be doing yoga.


Coach Liz 7:35 AM, July 17, 2009  

HA HA!!!

I have seen the Setu Bandha Sarvangasana pic (secong one) before and thought it was freaking hilarious.

I have always know this pose as the Bridge and not the Bride pose. It puts that pose in a whole new light!

Iron Girl Nyhus 8:00 AM, July 17, 2009  

It hurt just looking at some of those drunk people!

Anonymous,  8:42 AM, July 17, 2009  

I never though of myself as a Yoga Master till now. I have talents that I didn't even know.


Jess 9:30 AM, July 17, 2009  

Bahahha oh my gosh this is great! I am laughing so hard!

Chloe 9:50 AM, July 17, 2009  

Ha! Those are great!!

Unknown 9:52 AM, July 17, 2009  

What an awesome Friday Funny! I wonder if those people woke up feeling less hung-over since they were in yoga poses? Maybe I'll test this theory out.

Renee 10:27 AM, July 17, 2009  

Egads, are we sure those people are still alive?? If so, I bet they wish they were dead when they wake up from that!

The Mind Relaxer 10:33 AM, July 17, 2009  

Are they really drunk?, Hmm.. maybe I'll take some shots then so I could also do some all new poses..

Julia 10:42 AM, July 17, 2009  

Ohhhh my goodness this is too funny! I bet those people woke up feeling so stiff and sore in so many weird places!

Jen Rife 10:59 AM, July 17, 2009  

LMAO - Great Friday Funny!

Anonymous,  11:21 AM, July 17, 2009  

LOVE it! Thanks for the laugh :)

-Kerri from Enzymatic Therapy

B. Kramer 12:05 PM, July 17, 2009  

+1. Excellent funnies! Cheers!

The Alien 1:04 PM, July 17, 2009  

ROFLMAO this was too funny!!

{will run for margaritas} 1:09 PM, July 17, 2009  

HAHA, this is HILARIOUS!!! I needed it :)

I'm new to your blog - I look forward to reading about your adventures!

Happy Running/Tri-ing!! :)

Carolina John 2:29 PM, July 17, 2009  

hahahahah, those are great!

Regina 3:20 PM, July 17, 2009  

LMAO! that is hysterical. The Bride pose? I don't even want to think about the derivation of that pose and how it got it's name. Great!

Dr. J 4:45 PM, July 17, 2009  

Well it's not exactly PC, but it was pretty funny!

Since I don't drink, I guess I'll never reach master level with yoga :-(

Maggs 9:03 PM, July 17, 2009  

I'm going out to a bar to prepare to do yoga.

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