Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Upcoming Race and 2018 Races

>> Wednesday, February 28, 2018

I just renewed my USATF MN membership (running for my same YWCA Endurance Sports running team), and I just registered for the first race of the year:

It's an 8K in 10 days!

Since the indoor triathlon that I just did was only 10 days ago, that means Friday will probably be my only speed work between these races. So I'll try to bang out a quick training run in 2 days.

When I renewed with my running team, I also had to answer what 2018 team races I expected to race. I NEVER end up racing as much as I hope (for $$$ and injury reasons), but here's what I put down:

Basically, if it was close (not Fitgers in Duluth) and not too long (under 13.1), I'd do it.

We'll see how many I end up racing. But I plan on being at the starting line in just 10 days! It will be a nice redemption run compared to last year's race where I ran it easy just to be another body for our team so we could score some points. I hope to be 20-30 seconds/mile faster this year. We'll see!...


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