Friday Funny 847: Shower Thoughts

>> Friday, December 26, 2014

You know those "shower thoughts" that you have? You know, those deep semi-pointless ideas you have when standing around mindlessly in the shower? Well there's an entire Reddit subgroup about this topic.

And more cats doing adorable things.

Oh God yes!


Here are 6 more "shower thoughts" from that site:

"The gas flap is the zipper of the car. If you see one that's open, you feel embarrassed for that person. And then you immediately check your own."

"No matter how many kids are waiting to see Santa, you can't open up another line with a second Santa."

"Essentially, the heart beats itself to death."

"I turn 23 tomorrow. I will literally and mathematically be in my prime."

"There should be a paint remover called Pain't."

"Santa is like the clown that does Jesus' birthday party every year."

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