A few Thanksgiving Photos

>> Saturday, December 06, 2014

My Sister got a photo of me "helping" my Mom make mashed potatoes.

I took a photo of my Sister's family, and then Henry wanted a photo as well. Nice.

Then we showed his cousins our trick.

His cousins wanted to join in, and they got the hang of it pretty quick.

My folks and their 4 Grandkids!

And here were 5 photos that I'd Instagrammed over the Thanksgiving weekend:

"My anaconda wants some."

"Lunch with Daddy is never the smoothest operation."

"Having lots of fun at Grandmas house! (Including a tractor sled ride from Uncle Mike!)"

"Watching Tom & Jerry with Grandpa!"

"I was gone with the boys for just over 24 hours. Sheesh. #DadLife"

As that last photo shows, I was away from home at Grandmas with the boys for 1 night. Charlie was coming down with a cold, so he was up 5 times that night for me. My folks woke up each time too. Yeah, it took a lot of caffeine to get me and the boys safely back home the next afternoon! (It's a 2 hour drive.)

p.s. The last 4 hours of the 24 Hour Relay for Aaron have been opened up! If you can make a team of 2-6 for next Saturday morning, let me know and sign up for an hour! (People are totally welcome to come and run with us "unofficially" and we'll add your laps to the overall total too.) Head over to the Facebook event page for updates and to let me know if you want an hour. And if you can, please give to Nora and Ralphie here.


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