Injury Update - NOT Horrible News!

>> Saturday, August 31, 2013

First of all, thank you to everyone who commented, facebooked me, and e-mailed me regarding my injury post on Thursday. Everyone made me feel better that even though it hurt bad for 2 days, it probably wasn't broken. THANK YOU ALL! I love getting those thoughts from all of you!

THE SHORT STORY: It's just tendon issues. Nothing is broken in my foot, and I can't do (much) damage to it if I "run through some pain" for a few weeks.

THE LONG(er) STORY: The pain started early Wednesday morning at the very end of a run. (My LAST long run before next weekend's half marathon... of course.) I iced and took care of it as mentioned in Thursday's post, and I was STILL limping on it Friday morning. So I made an appointment in a Sports Medicine clinic. Once there, I tweeted this photo:

"I tend to like doctors who have stuff like this on the walls of their exam rooms."

I saw their Fellow first, and then the senior doctor joined in shortly after. Both had great advice and good news. Nothing was broken (and I finally really started to believe that a few hours before going to the docs). It was just overuse of the peroneal longus and/or brevis (sometimes called fibularis longus and brevis) tendons in my foot.

My pain is along the bottom where they flare out and connect to the foot.

It will take running through a fair amount of pain to lead to any serious issues. I should keep massaging, rolling, icing, AND I should keep moving on it - becoming too sedentary won't help it. (Which explains why it felt pretty good as I've been working on the foundation of our house these last few days.)

So the plan is this: I'll test it out tomorrow on an super easy short run. If it feels OK (which I'm NOT expecting it to), then I might run the Victory 10K on Monday. If it's still too iffy, then I'll hold off on racing because I want to be ready for my 13.1 in a week. But it's just good to know that if I push through some pain right now, I WON'T be hurting anything long term!

p.s. The fortune I got in my take out last night leads me to believe I'll be racing my first double-header on Monday:


Watch my twitter on Monday morning (Labor Day) to see if I'm at the races or not. Happy weekend!!


SteveQ 1:04 PM, September 01, 2013  

Oh that... I don't even notice that problem any more. Glad to hear it's nothing serious.

Dan Isaacs 9:47 AM, September 04, 2013  

Ooh, I had tendinitis right there. I thought I had broken a bone it hurt so much. Rest, ice, repeat. You have my sympathies.

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