Pharmie's "Crash" While Running Yesterday

>> Thursday, August 15, 2013

WARNING!! The following 3 images are a little gross!

If you happened to be following me on Twitter or Instagram yesterday, you've already seen 1 of these photos.

Monday through Wednesday, Pharmie and Henry were visiting her family. Yesterday, she went for a run in my hometown (she had some business to do there, and our hometowns are 9 miles apart). She was looking the other way as she was crossing a side-street under construction, and she ended up tripping over a "road closed" sign and skidding across some gravel on her hands, legs, and chest.

These were the 3 photos that her sister sent me:

That grey stuff?... Yeah, that's her skin before the nurse practitioner cut it off.

About to be taken care of by her aunt at the clinic (gotta love small-town Minnesota!)

Cleaned up afterwards, with unnecessary skin removed for healing.

She's sore, but OK. It's all wrapped up and it can't get wet until Monday, so I get to "help" her in the shower. Poor me. Such a burden.

So BE CAREFUL when you're out there running or biking! Stay alert! Pharmie just feels embarrassed that this happened.

And to end this on a non-gross note, here's Henry with his Aunt Annie in my hometown showing a "full moon" in the middle of Half Moon Park:

He's learning to pee outside, and he wants to do it everywhere.
And yes, it's really called "Half Moon Park." It's fitting, I think.


Bikerpete 7:57 AM, August 15, 2013  

Oh, sh*t!
I can feel the pain over the pig pond in germany. :-(
Best wishes from me. Hope it does not take too long to heal.

Helping Pharmie under the shower should be watching a sunset at the beach:
You've seen it a hundred times, but it's always a pleasure :-)

LOL ... full moon at half moon park.
Great! My son is doing the same here.



Mark 11:20 AM, August 15, 2013  

she must have been hauling some serious ass... I don't think I've ever gotten road rash from a running fall.

Steve Stenzel 2:24 PM, August 15, 2013  

Pete, I LOVE the sunset analogy. :)

And Mark, yeah, she had to be moving!

Unknown 3:01 PM, August 15, 2013  

Ouch! I did that on a trail once. I kept telling my husband that HE needed to be careful on the way down. My pride suffered the worst of my injuries.

Unknown 8:24 PM, August 15, 2013  

Ouch! That looks like it hurts! I hope nothing else starts to bother her after a fall like that. I hope she doesn't have any sprains too!

Henry is adorable!

Anonymous,  10:35 AM, August 16, 2013  

"I may be hurt, but at least I have a husband"
Airplane! 1980

Unknown 8:37 PM, August 18, 2013  

OUCH!! Glad it was just minor! Funny Pic of the Baby!! Ha ha!!

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