7 Quick Instagram Life Updates

>> Thursday, August 08, 2013

A few quick photos from my instagram page:

"Just Henry chillin' with a big ass llama. NBD."
(This was the University of St. Thomas's annual "don't hate us" party for neighbors.)

"Casually chillin' in a giant shoe at @runnfun."

Two things: first, I didn't mean to use "chillin" in 2 back-to-back tweets. What's my problem? Second, the original relay partner of Devon Palmer from the big Gear West Duathlon showdown tweeted me back from that last Instagram. Ben Kampf tweeted: "at one point I wore that exact shoe!"

Speaking of shoes:

"Henry just came up to me wearing Mama's heels. #OhSoPretty"

"One of 2 wasp stings from my 30-mile ride. The other is in my hair. #ScrewYouMotherNature"
(My head is fine, but that sting on my arm still itches all around it!)

"When about to fall in a muddy, rocky area with an expensive camera and
a priceless toddler, you've got to take the hit yourself."

"Family Run!! Henry and I ran with Mama for her 3x1 mile intervals tonight."

"Watching the rain as the storm moves in. Naked, of course."

Two final "life" things from my Photo Blog:

- I put together 80-some images from Instagram from students, alumni, and faculty from the College of Visual Arts during the school's final semester this past spring. Click here to see that post from last month on my Photo Blog.

- And just last night, I posted some new work involving Henry on my Photo Blog. I'm still not sure if this is an official "project" or not, but here are some photos of Henry's adventures with me over the past 2 months. (The 2nd-to-last photo in that link is just before we fell as noted in an Instagram above.)


Kelly Benton 10:12 AM, August 08, 2013  

I got stung on my eyelid last week while riding my bike (it flew under my sunglasses). My husband had to leave work to come get me because my eye swelled up so bad I couldn't see out of it. Stupid wasps!

Unknown 8:58 PM, August 09, 2013  

Naked baby butts are the best.

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