Friday Funny 565: Funny Links

>> Friday, August 09, 2013

Here are some of my favorite posts from the last few weeks from my tumblr page:

Athletic-related funny things:

Great story from a kid's first triathlon.

It'd be great if anyone in yoga pants wore this.

Why does this need to be a sign?

The Cyclist's Alphabet.

Bike lock fail.

An interesting way to think about your training.

"One-a-Day" Vitamins have been LYING to us!

Non-athletic funny things:

A sexy striptease from her boyfriend.

[VIDEO] "Scientifically Accurate Duck Tales" nearly destroyed all of my childhood memories.

Shark week drinking game.

Pull out couch.

Well, who did you expect to see while speed dating?

[GIF] Couch gag. Right where he'll be sleeping for the next week.

This gets right to the point....

The Royal Baby replaced with other stuff.

... speaking of Kate Middleton.


[GIF] Batman: he's not always what he seems.

I, too, had this question about "V is For Vendetta."

Awesome bathroom signs.

Birth control: I never thought about it like this before.

[GIF] This has entertained me for quite some time.

Summer problems.

The truth about men cleaning a house.

Justin Bieber is Zack Morris.

[GIF] Whoa. Lucky.



I should have made this for my wife on our 10th anniversary last month.

[GIF] This Lion will help your self-esteem.

Politically correct bedtime stories.

When Dad babysits.

This is what I imagine happens when you call your doctor in this situation.

Remember, check out often for funny stuff. Happy weekend!!


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