Friday Funny 574: Twelve Parents Owning Facebook

>> Friday, August 30, 2013

Buzzfeed just showed 12 parents who really got their kids good on Facebook:

#1: This parent who’s a proud grammar nazi:

#2: The dad who’s totally hooking it up for his son:

#3: The dad who remembers the first night he met his son... kinda:

#4: The father who isn’t afraid to teach his son a tough lesson in tYpINg:

#5: The dad who knows how to gross out pretty much anyone:

#6: The mom who totally OWNED her kid:

#7: This songbird:

#8: The mom who basically wins everything:

#9: The mom who won’t be sleeping with her son:

#10: The parents who have a Ph.D. in Stop Complaining:

#11: The dad who knows how to handle pressure:

#12: The mom who definitely has Facebook, and doesn’t think you’re funny:

Lots more funnies at!


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