I Thought My LAST Race Photos Were Bad...

>> Wednesday, August 07, 2013

In my last post, I showed how my wife looks much more attractive than me during a race. Well, I just saw the "official photos" from last week's Time Trial, and I did NOT look any better in those.

The first one's not bad at all. In the photos on the "TNT" page there's one of me heading back to my car with my camera on my back just after Matt started:

I did NOT race with that! I promise! (Although it'd be a good excuse...)

There was a photographer at the starting line, and he got a TOTALLY BAD ASS photo of Matt:

Look at the bicep!

And that photographer got a TOTALLY DOOFY photo of me straining in too hard of a gear:


Let's see BAD ASS and DOOF side-by-side:

My life is horrible.

Here's my last post of race photos of me and my wife from the Waseca Tri. And here's my Time Trial race report from the weekend, where I noted that I started it too hard of a gear (resulting in that crappy photo above... dork).


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