Costumed Runners at the 2012 Monster Dash

>> Monday, October 29, 2012

Saturday, my family got bundled up to head down the road to cheer at the 2012 Monster Dash Half Marathon and 10 Mile. We knew a lot of people running, and we knew there'd be some fun costumes to watch go by. It was 31 degrees when we left the house, so Henry was bundled up:

We jogged down to the mile 4 marker just down the road from our house. We made it JUST in time to see cousin Ben go running past:

I ran past him to get another photo.
Ben went on to finish the half in 1:29! Nice work, Ben!

A pretty fast (and probably pretty chafed) chicken!

Gross. I mean... awesome.

As this guy ran past, I shouted
"Oh that's embarrassing! You forgot to take off your helmet in T2!!"

Pac Man ghosts.

Then Matt spotted us from the middle of the pack! (That's Pharmie's brother who I've done a ton of duathlon relays with as "Team Happy Pants.") He was running it with his girlfriend Angela!

Matt, with Angela just over his shoulder!

Angela flashing Henry a smile!

Off they go!

They BOTH ended up PRing, but Angela finished a few minutes ahead of Matt in 1:53! Nice work you two!!

A pretty sweet monkey.

A dissected frog! SWEET!

Then we spotted Pharmie's training and racing buddy Laura from the TC Marathon:

Remember I showed this photo below in my "sherpa report" from the TC Marathon where Pharmie just stopped to hug her Mom and Laura was just "floating" there waiting for her:

Well, Laura has decided that she needs to be floating in ALL of my photos because she stopped at the Monster Dash on Saturday to pose like this:


Now get back to your race, Laura!

"Personal Trainer."

This couple had "pixelated bits" on the front. Awesome.

We were flashed!

The Ambiguously Gay Duo. They need to switch sides.

Pharmie and Henry cheering in the cold.

Brother-in-law Jon running up to say hi!

Jon needed to shed a base-layer, so he left it with us. Henry watched on in amazement.

Cute unicorn. And I think that's the Allstate "Mayhem" guy! Nice!

Another friend named Laura!

Remember: it was 31 degrees. And here's a topless Pac Man and ghost.

Their latex body paint didn't look that breathable (note the lower back of Pac Man).

We were cheering with Steve Q, and he brought his homemade root beer for us to try! Thanks Steve! Steve recently found out that I have a root beer passion much like him. (I've started keeping a root beer journal.) You know you're in for a treat when you're about to try something homemade and the "maker" asks "You're not allergic to too much... are you?"

Steve's home brew. It was heavy and delicious! (Note the ring it left in the cup.)

Henry was getting a bit crabby as it was about time for a nap (he was up early). So we thanked Steve Q for the root beer treat and we headed home.

Henry ZONKED OUT on the walk home.

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Happy Monday!


Carolina John 11:19 AM, October 29, 2012  

Nice costumes! We saw some good ones at our monster dash yesterday too. My favorite had to be a family dressed up like bank robbers, with the baby in a jog stroller wearing a white sleeper with a big $ on it to look like a bag of cash.

Steve Stenzel 12:03 PM, October 29, 2012  

John, that's a FANTASTIC costume idea! ! Ha!

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