Lance's 'Censored' Finishing Photo

>> Thursday, October 11, 2012

Someone tweeted me 2 weeks ago asking me "...did you see the Lance Armstrong finish pics from the SuperFrog Tri? Will we see Speedo Steve vs Jammer Steve soon?"

I didn't know what she was talking about. She then said this:


As I soon found out, Lance raced in a pretty tiny Speedo and won his first race (setting a course record!) since his lifetime ban from all "official sporting events" (this race was unsanctioned by the USADA so he was able to race).

He tweeted this about his outfit: "In honor of the sports roots I've decided to rock the speedo, grape smuggler, banana hammock, etc for the whole race. #oldschool"

Yep, that's tiny.... but MAAAAAAANNNN he looks good.

Nice legs.

Ha!! THERE'S the finish photo that looks like a censorship bar! Too funny!!


Melissa C 7:38 AM, October 11, 2012  

awesome. He is so cut!

That was the same thing I thought about a lot of the divers in the olympics. the scoreboard that was across the screen did the same thing.

Steve Stenzel 7:47 AM, October 11, 2012  

I KNOW Melissa C! Those tiny speedos in the Olympics were sometimes just barely covered by the score (or their name) - I know exactly what you're talking about! Ha!

kristen 8:04 AM, October 11, 2012  

i feel like he should have gone witha lower cut sock in that ensemble...where was his fashion consultant?

Brenda B 8:43 AM, October 11, 2012  

I invite all men with bodies that look like his to race all events in a tiny speedo!

Elaine Hillis 9:18 AM, October 11, 2012  

His body is so awesome! Man is cut!!

Jen Small 9:55 AM, October 11, 2012  

Im starting to like Lance more and more...this helps :)

Nobel4Lit 10:47 AM, October 11, 2012  

Whoa, cut bun, lol. But yeah, pretty cool finish shot!

CautiouslyAudacious 12:56 PM, October 11, 2012  

Hilarious! I was wandering why he ran in a speedo thanks for giving me his explanation tweet I must have missed it on my feed! :-)

Alicia Kons 9:54 PM, October 11, 2012  

Seems very fitting, but gotta love it!! Anyone who is that ripped is allowed to wear a speedo.

Alyssa Duhe 12:33 PM, October 12, 2012  

I totally second what Brenda B said.

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