Grand Prix Series Update: ONE RACE TO GO!

>> Monday, October 15, 2012

I'm not going to win. Here's why:

Nine races into the "Grand Prix" series, Ben Merchant was 6th.

After 3 more races, he had missed one of those, but won the other 2. He had dropped back to 7th.

Now, after 13 races in our 14 race "Grand Prix" series, he's in 3rd (having ran 9 races):

Everyone's best 10 races count, so if he runs the 6K next month and doesn't break a leg in the process, he'll take the win. I have 11 races under my belt with 9586 points. Ben has 9 races under his belt with 8988 points. He'll likely get a perfect 1000 at the 6K to finish with 9988 points. Even if he's beat by a handful of Grand Prix racers, he'd still earn enough points to win the series.

I'll have led from the 4th race through the 13th race of the series, but I won't have been able to take the win.

There are 4 ways I could still win:

1. Ben doesn't show up.

2. Ben horribly twists an ankle during the 6K CC race. I can't wish for that. I'm not a bad person.

3. The entire U of M male CC team signs up to race the Grand Prix series just before the last race of the season. This won't happen, but it's a way I could win. If about a dozen super fast guys pay the extra $5 to do the series on the last race of the season and then BEAT Ben, maybe he'd only earn 600 points. It's not very probably (not at ALL), but I suppose it could happen. No. No it couldn't.

4. The race is canceled due to 2-3 feet of snow on the race site (a golf course). I was talking with 2-time MDRA President Rick Recker at the Marathon Expo (when I was there with Pharmie and Henry). He said this race WAS canceled once due to heavy snow, and it pissed a lot of people off who were planning on earning some more series points - I can imagine it would! But I wouldn't mind pissed off people this year. :) Ha!

So there's nothing more *I* can do. I've put in my 10 races. I'll be racing this 6K, but could only conceivably earn a few more points. It's really all in Ben's hands. (Or Mother Nature's.)


BriTriGuy 8:23 AM, October 15, 2012  

5. Over zealous blog reader takes Ben out.

TriEric 10:05 AM, October 15, 2012  

Maybe the U of M CC team are fans of Steve in a Speedo.

You just need to win the race.

SteveQ 10:19 AM, October 15, 2012  

Actually, assuming Ben's the first grand prix finisher, you only have to be within 4% of his time, which is about 40-45 seconds; if he heasn't recovered from his 2:36 marathon, you could do that. Of course, I'm betting on Ben - he trains more than three times a week!

Alyssa Duhe 11:05 AM, October 15, 2012  

I like what BriTriGuy said. Bloggers are very powerful. haha

Carolina John 11:23 AM, October 15, 2012  

So all you need to do is complete the mathematically impossible? Bah, you got this. Enjoy the victory lap.

Steve Stenzel 12:34 PM, October 15, 2012  

I am NOT asking anyone to take out Ben! Ha!

And SteveQ, it doesn't matter how close I am to his time - it matters how many MDRA Grand Prix runners place in front of him. Take for example the Rice Street Mile results: Ben smoked all Grand Prix runners with a 4:27. Next was Scott in 4:55, me in 4:56, and Campeau in 4:59. Ben earned 1000 points for being first, and then it dropped by about 17.5 points per runner: Scott got 982, I got 965, Campeau got 947. So even though Ben SMOKED us and I was VERY close to Scott, the points are still evenly spaced by PLACE, not by TIME. I hope that makes sense....

SteveQ 2:22 PM, October 15, 2012  

I was just going to correct my mistake, but you beat me to it. You have to finish second to ben and hope every grand prix entrant does the race.

SteveQ 2:23 PM, October 15, 2012  

Ack. Even that doesn't work. Just spike the guy.

snorkel jane 3:28 PM, October 15, 2012  

and ben mysteriously got hit with the flu on the very day of the event...

Steve Stenzel 4:43 PM, October 15, 2012  

Ha! SteveQ, I like your train of comments... :)

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