Friday Funny 411: This Makes No Sense

>> Friday, October 19, 2012

This is just a little bit ironic....


Lindsay 11:24 AM, October 19, 2012  

Well, at least it's not the ADA. Type 1's can't prevent the disease by eating healthy and exercising...

Carolina John 12:47 PM, October 19, 2012  

the cause is also the solution! that's big pharma for you.

Ironmom (Julie) 1:32 PM, October 19, 2012  

Causing it makes someone money; curing it makes someone money! What could possibly be the problem?

Steve Stenzel 1:44 PM, October 19, 2012  

Ha Julie, I like you're thinking! You sound like our government... :( Ha!

SteveQ 1:53 PM, October 19, 2012  

Coincidentally (?), the last 6.5 oz. returnable Coke bottle was retired this week. Remember when that was a serving (if you do, you're OLD)?

Kirsten 11:46 PM, October 19, 2012  

What Lindsay said. Type 1 ≠ Type 2. Steve, you should consider joining the JDRF's Ride to Cure program.

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