Friday Funny 407: Drunk Mugshot

>> Friday, October 12, 2012

Did you hear about this guy this past week?

Am I the only one saying "Of COURSE he's from Texas"... ?

I'm sure there's a story there.

The story probably starts with him saying "Ya'll hold my beer and watch this!"

His mugshot is just a little better than hers:

Dear Lord.

If those two had a baby boy, his passport photo would probably look like this:

(Actual passport photo outtake from a 5-month old last month)


Carolina John 6:45 PM, October 12, 2012  

Kelley routinely browses the local police reports looking for mug shots, then looks up those people on facebook. It's entertaining to see the ones that are all badass thugs with no smiles on facebook, but they grin like a baby for the mug shot.

Unknown 6:04 AM, October 14, 2012  

I'm from Texas and said "of course he's from Texas". Must have been fun weekend at the fair for that guy!

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