6K Cross Country Race

>> Saturday, October 06, 2012

I've done a lot of races CLOSE to the distance of a 6K.

In the past number of years, I've done a 3 mile CC race:

Two indoor 5Ks:

Nineteen "regular" 5Ks:

One 6.23K (dressed as a tomato):

Five different 4 mile races (2 road, 2 trail, and 1 with a stroller):

And 2 8Ks:

But I just registered for my first 6K cross country race. It's the final race in the Minnesota Distance Running Association's (MDRA) "Grand Prix" series. I probably won't gain any more Grand Prix points from racing it, but it will hopefully be a fun way to end the series.

Registration just opened, and racing buddy George and I were the first to sign up:

Oh, and as you see there, they asked for my anticipated finishing time. For a 6K, 22:00 would be 5:54 / mile. The course is full of lots of turns (I've heard), but I'm not sure how hilly it is. We'll see if I can keep it anywhere around 22 minutes.

But I don't have to worry about that for a month... TOMORROW I'll be cheering on Pharmie (and 11,999 other runners) at the TC Marathon!! Good luck everyone!


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