Friday Funny 414: If Junk Food Had HONEST Names

>> Friday, October 26, 2012

But I LIKE the banana!

I agree!


Kelly Janowski 8:05 AM, October 26, 2012  

Love this. Truth in advertising for once.

Michelle Stolz 9:08 AM, October 26, 2012  

this is the best thing ever

caasen 10:03 AM, October 26, 2012  

thanks Steve for this one! really funny, I had to post one of the photos on my page

Viper 10:27 AM, October 26, 2012  

Hey, I like the Take 5 bar. Pretzels go with everything!

Nobel4Lit 10:46 AM, October 26, 2012  

I liked this! Though I think Cheetos tastes better than styrofoam!!

Karen 11:16 AM, October 26, 2012  

I like banana too! Those are my favorite flavor.

I also like the "Hairy Tasty Pink Balls". My husband cringes every time I buy them, but when you name them like that, I guess I see his point. But they're so tasty!

Maggs 11:54 AM, October 26, 2012  

I always thought an alternate name for Tostinos was "Maybe you won't wake up hungover" midnight snack. Or that's what we used them for when I was younger.

Kelly @ Running Kellometers 1:32 PM, October 26, 2012  

This is so awesome! I love Starburst, but you need your own garbage can while eating them. Haha

Di Tri-ing 6:47 PM, October 26, 2012  

Thank you for that post! I laughed so hard I was crying...I might have even peed a little. ;) LOL!

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