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>> Saturday, October 13, 2012

Early in July, I posted about my totals for the first 6 months of 2012. So I thought I'd post my 3-month July, August, and September totals.

July - Sept totals for 2012:

SWIM: 6,600 yards (including 1 Olympic Triathlon which was almost 1,800 yards once you figure in the warm-up and the race itself). This is pretty horrible. No... VERY horrible.

BIKE: 245 miles. My long ride of the summer was my early morning July 4th 43-miler. So ONE ride is nearly 20% of my 3 month total. Again, pretty horrible.

RUN: 247 miles, 143 of those with Henry. I hurt my heel a little with my unexpected PR at the New Prague Half Marathon in May, so June's totals were really low (but it was worth it for that PR!). I was just starting to "up" my numbers in July.

My monthly breakdown of running miles is this:

July: 63.59 miles (44.52 miles with Henry)
Aug: 78.76 miles (60.06 miles with Henry)
Sept: 105.09 miles (38.31 miles with Henry)

So that's a 3 month total of 142.89 "Henry miles" and 247.44 total miles.

Yes... of the 78+ miles ran in August, there were only 18 of those that were withOUT Henry! It was a fun summer running with my little guy!

September had surprisingly big numbers for me, but that was because of 2 things: First, I did a 10K and a 25K in the same week, and between warming-up and cooling-down for those races and a mid-week easy run, I logged 35.2 miles that week! That was my 2nd biggest week in YEARS! (I had a 34.4 mile week at the very end of December in 2010, and then a 35.56 mile week in March of this year [which contained 2 long runs].)

Second, my "early Wednesday morning rides" I've been doing off-and-on since July stopped working as the days got shorter (and colder). So they turned into runs. That's how I suddenly got over 100 miles / month for only the 2nd time all year (and I never had a 100 mile month in 2011 at all!). And more early, early morning runs (and the fact that I'm back to school) means less runs with Henry. Dang.

I'll leave you with a photo of happy Henry just as we got back into the house after a 10+ mile run at the end of last month:

Let's see if I can stay injury-free for the rest of 2012. And if the snow holds off a while (so I can keep running with Henry), let's see if I can get close to 1,000 running miles for the year!...


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