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>> Wednesday, October 03, 2012

A while back, I was sent a pair of Zensah Compression Socks. I put the box in the basement with our other cardboard boxes, but I forgot to take the socks out. Oops. So I just recently "re-discovered" them in about July.

In late July, I did 2 races just 36 hours apart: I first did the Rice Street Mile followed by the Run for Blood 5K. In between those races, I wore my Zensah Compression Socks to "flush out my legs." In fact, I tweeted this and had a snarky (but true) response from Karina:

I wore them after all of my recent longer races. After last month's 25K, I had posted these 2 photos of Henry when he was sick:

Henry did OK for the sitter, but then he felt worse later in the day. These are NOT normal photos of Henry:

He laid like this (between my compression-socks-laden-legs) for nearly 10 minutes!
Poor dude!

Notice the socks in that second picture. Those are my Zensah Compression Socks.

Just 10 days ago, Henry and I went on our 2nd longest run ever: a 14.2 miler along the river. After that run, I spent the next 10 hours in my socks:

Sunday afternoon in compression socks.

And when I took Henry on some 2 mile intervals one morning a few weeks ago, guess what I wore to work later that day? Yep, my Zensah Compression Socks. I showed them off to my only co-worker who wouldn't think I was crazy (he was a CC running in high-school, so he "gets it").

You've all seen me race in calf sleeves. I don't think I'd care for racing in compression socks. I already have socks that I like to run in, and I like the "flexibility" of calf sleeves. (I could stop mid-race or mid-workout and take them off and still have socks on to be running in.) But I LOVE these compression socks for recovery!

The "foot" of the sock is so tight and soft and pillowy, that they are SUPER comfy after a long race or a hard workout. I wouldn't personally race in them, but I know a lot of people who do. I just love my pair for recovery.

Here come some scientific-sounding "facts" from this non-science art professor / triathlete:

1. Most doctors believe that compression gear aides in circulation. Take for example...

2. Diabetics wear compression socks to aide in circulation of the calves and feet.

3. Added blood circulation helps to "flush out" tired and worked muscles.

4. Compression socks worn post-activity in athletic people will help muscles revive faster.

(That reasoning reminded me a lot of my high-school geometry class and writing "proofs." Anyone remember those?)

I can't back any of those "facts" up with peer-reviewed medical journal articles right now, but I think most people can see these things as being true. Or at least plausible.

So I still like my calf sleeves for racing, but I love these compression socks (which are more comfortable and "cozy") for recovery. Check out Zensah's Compression Socks if you're interested! Thanks for sending me a pair to try out, Zensah! I LOVE them!!


Kristin,  10:42 AM, October 03, 2012  

How do they feel around your ankles? Because I have flat feet, I am often sore in the ankles the next day (yes, I do my foot strengthening exercises) and I wonder if ankle compression would help.

Steve Stenzel 10:47 AM, October 03, 2012  

Kristin, I don't recall anything specific about the ankle area, which makes me think they don't compress a TON there. They're mainly feet and calves, but they'd be a little tight on the ankles too.

Alyssa Duhe 12:56 PM, October 03, 2012  

I love my Zensahs. Highly recommended. My mother makes fun of me when I walk around her house in them.

Sam,  1:30 PM, July 19, 2013  

Thanks for the review - very nice. Love my compression socks.

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