TYR Bag Winner and Liberty Oly Tri Preview

>> Thursday, June 09, 2011

I just drew the winner of the TYR Swim Bag. I had 176 entries, and I drew number 126 as the winner:

That number corresponded with Mule. I don't know who Mule is, but I think I'd like him because his Blogger profile location is interesting. Instead of saying something like "St. Paul : Minnesota : United States," his says "Broken Dreams : Denial : United States." Mule, shoot me an e-mail in the next few days so I can get your address! Thanks!

Changing gears....

It doesn't look like Baby Stenzel will make an appearance any time soon. He / she is due this Saturday, and Pharmie's ready NOW! So if nothing progresses, it looks like I'll be racing the Liberty Olympic Distance Triathlon on Saturday.

Here's how I've done at this race the last 2 years:


Swim: 28:07
T1: 2:06
Bike: 1:12:09 (21.6 mph official, 20.5 computer)
T2: 1:13
Run: 39:33 (6:22 pace)

Total: 2:23:06
Overall Place: 37 out of 194
Age Group: 9 out of 15
A PR of over 15:00!!


Swim: 27:34
T1: 1:45
Bike: 1:07:07 (23.2 mph official, 21.5 computer)
T2: 0:59
Run: 38:14 (6:10 pace)

Total: 2:15:37
Overall Place: 8 out of 164
Age Group Place: 1 out of 6
A PR of over 7:00!!


My swim mileage is down this year. Last year I was doing more longer swim workouts with Julia and the gang, and it's been a LONG time since we've swam together. So my workouts have been a bit shorter. (May 2011: 12,000 yards. May 2010: 18,000 yards.) And last year we had 3 SOLID long OW swims before the race, and this year I only have hit the OW once for a quick dip.

But last year during the race, I went out too hard in the swim and paid the price in the form of some backstroking about 10 minutes into the race. If I can avoid that this year, I could have a comparable swim split.


I normally wouldn't note anything regrading transitions, but I need to point out that I'll have a long T1 this year. Because of the issues pointed out in yesterday's post, I'll have to sit down for a moment and put on some "Toe Caps" in T1 so I won't be slowed to an ugly limp during the run. I noted in yesterday's post that I developed a major blister on my run the day before because of my cat. I will NOT be able to run "normally" with that wound, so I'll take some transition time to make sure I can finish the race.


I've got less biking in this year too. (May 2010: 210 miles. May 2011: 165 miles.) But, I've been biking pretty well (for me). I don't know what my bike split will hold. The last 2 years at this race have been GREAT racing weather, so if that's repeated, I could still put down some decent numbers. (Oh, and this bike course HAS to be just over a mile short. But it's been the same course the last 2 years, so it's at least possible to do some comparisons.)


Even though I'm coming off an injury, I actually logged MORE run miles this year than last year. (May 2010: 55 miles. May 2011: 72 miles.) BUT, my longer runs are shorter this year. (I've done just over 7 miles leading up to this race twice this year, but last year I had 4 runs of 7+ miles with the longest being nearly 10 miles.)

I'm afraid I'll really feel my lack of endurance this year during the run. I'm expecting that somewhere between miles 2 and 4, I'll hit "the wall." HARD.

The big difference in my training this year is mainly because I'm coming back from my heel injury. I didn't feel comfortable pushing it too hard this year, because I had to keep my heel "in check." I had a little ache after the Apple Duathlon 2 weeks ago, so I took a few days off, did NO speed work between then and now, and just focused on getting in some longer rides and runs to bump my endurance up.

This year I've been doing a lot of strength work to try to keep my legs working properly. (Body-weight works with high reps - nothing to build huge, buff legs.) For example, last year I did 6 hours and 40 minutes of strength work in May, and this year I did TWICE that: 13 hours and 15 minutes.


I'll start off easy in the swim, push it through the bike, and race as hard as I can. It won't be a PR, but it should still be a decent race. Oh, and the "Tutti Frutti" shorts might have to make another appearance - they've been part of all 4 multi-sport races so far this year... why stop now?

2011 Duathlons: Apple, Gear West, Oakdale, and Cannon Falls

Back with either a RACE REPORT or a BABY REPORT on Monday!!


Neophyte TriDuRun 8:31 AM, June 09, 2011  

I'm beginning to think the Tutti Frutti shorts are the only one's you own!!

Lani 6:58 PM, June 09, 2011  

Sleep now while you can before the baby arrives :)

Ellen 10:49 PM, June 09, 2011  

I was swimming at Square Lake on Wednesday and it was like a dream. A windy, tiring dream but lovely anyway. Good luck on the baby front or one of you will be telling the "I raced on my baby's due date" story for a long time.

Sparklinglady 11:18 PM, June 09, 2011  

my husband had two big cyclocross races the weekend our 2nd baby was due. he gave his phone to someone on the sidelines and told them to yell out to him during the race if i called. i didn't go into labor until the evening after the 2nd race. everyone was happy! hope yer baby gets here soon, you are in for a lot of fun!

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