I Wish My Toe Skin Was Stronger

>> Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Yesterday morning I had my last "long" run before the Liberty Olympic Tri on Saturday. I wanted to go out for about 7-8 miles. (Last year at this time, I was running long runs of around 10 miles, but I'll get a bit more into that tomorrow...)

It was HOT and I could feel the heat zapping away some of my speed. I kept thinking "My legs aren't tired. My breathing is OK. Sure, my feet are a little sore, but why am I running this slow?" I attributed it to the heat. It was 85 and humid during my morning run. That's not CRAZY hot, but being 4 out of my last 5 races were in chilly weather (wearing long sleeves) during a MN winter that just would not end, it was quite a shock.

When I got home, I snapped a sweaty photo:

Attractive. I'm glad I posted this.

A toe on my left foot had gotten QUITE sore during the run. Sure enough, when I took off my shoes and socks, I found this fella staring at me:

A blister had formed, got rubbed off before the end of the run, and was RE-FORMING on the knuckle of my toe! I figured the heat must have caused this.... somehow....

Then, when I went to take the heel-lifts out of my running shoes to put them in the shoes I was going to wear for the day, something ELSE flew out of my shoe:


I had done it again.

Yes.... AGAIN.

If you've been reading my blog for a few years, you'll remember a half Ironman that I did in 2008 where I thought I had a big blister forming at the end of my big toe only to find out that there was a cat toy in my shoe for the entire 13.1 mile run. Here's a photo of THAT cat toy after I pulled it out post-race:

I thought that maybe this time it had rubbed the top of my toe raw. Once I dug a little deeper, I realized that it was UNDER my heel for my run yesterday. When I pulled out my heel-lift, it had a pink stain from the cat toy:

And I had an even WORSE stain on the heel of my sock:

So the little bit of added "stuff" in my shoes must have pushed my foot forward just enough to cause some major rubbing on my middle toe after 7.3 miles. (I felt pain by the turn-around, and I think I know the little downhill where I was pushing it around the 6 mile mark where the blister would have "slid" open. Gross. And ouch.)

When I hopped into the shower just before class, I actually screamed when the water hit my toe. I spent 5 minutes showering with my left foot at the far end of the tub, trying to keep it dry and pain-free. Here's how it looked 8 hours later after class:

Kermit was IN LOVE with her toy now that it REEKED of my stinky feet. Really. Pharmie loved watching her freak out with her toy that now had my stank all over it:

We'll see how this feels half-way into the Oly tri run on Saturday! Yikes!

p.s. You've got through tonight to go to my post from Saturday to enter the TYR Swim Bag giveaway! You just need to leave a comment on THAT post to be entered. The winner will be announced tomorrow morning. Thanks!


RunningLaur 7:13 AM, June 08, 2011  

my new cat freaking loves those little pom pom balls. I'll have to keep a look out for them in my shoes, trying to sabotage my runs. :)

Christi 7:49 AM, June 08, 2011  

And they say cats aren't intelligent. Kermit is a genius. Sorry he had to sabotage your run to get your stank on his toy though!

M 8:07 AM, June 08, 2011  

OK, the cat toy thing is kind of hilariously awesome. But i do feel sorry for your toe.

Julie (ROJ) 8:13 AM, June 08, 2011  

Seriously sir? You need to check shoes before leaving the house! Doesn't every cat and/or dog owner know that? Luckily for me our pet toys squeak so I notice when they're in my shoes. Glad Pharmie had some entertainment for the day though!

kT 8:35 AM, June 08, 2011  

This is like a weird modern version of checking your boots for scorpions. Yikes.

Angela 8:53 AM, June 08, 2011  

I have TOTALLY done that before! And, I am prone to blisters (though oddly the cat mouse didn't cause one). Dr. Scholls mades a treatment band-aid thing called Dr. Scholls Blister Treatment that work awesome - they make the blister heal faster but also kill the pain (http://www.drugstore.com/dr-scholls-blister-treatment-sterile-cushions/qxp138604). They are the only thing that keeps my feet patched together sometimes. Good luck at your race!

Lady Em 8:56 AM, June 08, 2011  

Okay...here it is...my cure for blisters. you may think I'm full of it, everyone has a "cure" but this really works!

go to the drug store and get these blue gel pads in the burn section. Cut a small peice to fit your blister. Also pick up some of that stretchy tape that looks like an ace bandage but sticks to itself. Wrap that around the toe to secure the burn pad. wear it while you're running...just one run and it will be a meeellion times better. continue to wear it for runs until the blister is healed or the fresh skin will just reblister.

Oh, and ps, don't pull or clip the blister skin off. i know that one was peely but this stuff will actually heal the blister skin back to your original skin and it helps to protect the raw skin better.

Sorry for the BOOK i just wrote.

Richard 8:56 AM, June 08, 2011  

Enjoyed the post. Fortunately, I have mastiffs, so their toys are too big to fit in my shoes . . . slobber, though, is another matter.


Melissa C 1:32 PM, June 08, 2011  

That was too funny!

Oh, and I have used those burn pads that Em wrote about. Those are awesome for blisters.

Mollyapolis 2:15 PM, June 08, 2011  

I used to get open blisters like on my palms all the time when I rowed crew in college. If you think having the shower water fall on your toe hurts, imagine trying to wash your hair with the same gaping wound on your hands.

IronMin 8:31 PM, June 08, 2011  

Ok, your pictures can sometimes be gross and this latest blister one did not disappoint. ;)
Love the cat toy situation. I have also found the random tinsel ball or mousy in the running shoe and I honestly think they secretly laugh while watching from around the corner...
"Wonder how long it's going to take for them to find my toy in there...Moahahahahahahha!"

Mark 1:09 AM, June 09, 2011  

Be happy that it was a chew toy and not another type of "gift" in the shoe. Had that happen to my work shoes when my roommates dog had an accident. He still owes me a pair of shoes.

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