First OWS of the Year and an Impromptu Giveaway

>> Saturday, June 04, 2011

Yesterday morning, Rachel met me at my place and we headed out to Square Lake. We met Jeremy and Eric at the lake. Here's those 3 getting ready to get wet:

It was the first OWS of 2011 for ALL of us! Jeremy is training for Buffalo Oly tomorrow, I'm training for Liberty Oly next Saturday, Eric is training for Trinona Oly next Sunday, and Rachel is doing Ironman Coeur d'Alene in 3 weeks!

We hit the water, and it was C-O-L-D!! We stood around a bit "getting used to it" as our feet went numb:

Eric, Jeremy, and Rachel

We headed out of the "swim pen" and towards a buoy out on the right side of the lake. I can pretty easily say that this was the coldest water I've ever been in! Once my face hit the water, it took my breath away! But we all said that once we got going we felt "chilly but OK." (Square Lake is "spring fed," so it's always a bit chillier than surrounding lakes.)

Jeremy and I headed back at a buoy while Rachel and Eric headed on to the next buoy - Jeremy didn't want to do too much being he had a race 2 days later, and I knew I could get back to shore and do a few laps in the "pen" to get in some more swimming. I finished in the pen just a few minutes before Rachel and Eric got back to shore.

Jeremy, me, Eric, and Rachel post-swim

I was out there for just over 30:00, and I was swimming for just under 30:00. After our swim, we found a sandy and twiggy person on the edge of the beach:

When we got back up to our cars, Eric said he had something for me. He just won a TYR Swim bag (one like I gaveaway on my blog 2 months ago) at a local "triathlon workshop." He said he already had a nice transition bag (I saw it at the lake and it IS a nice one), so he said "Here Steve - give this one away to one of your readers."

So I have a TYR Swim bag to giveaway to one of you!!

Here are photos of the 2 that I had in my previous giveaway:

Just out of the package: the front of the Royal/Gold bag on the left,
and the back of the Navy bag on the right.

Eric got the "Royal/Gold" bag, so that's what I have to giveaway.



Then check back on Thursday (June 9th) to see if I draw your name as the winner. I'll ship to the US and Canada, so all you Canucks can enter too!

So comment now! Thanks everyone! Happy weekend!!


Anonymous,  9:47 AM, June 04, 2011  

So far this year, all my swims have been OW - the beauty of living right near the Mediterranean Sea (although the waves are sometimes brutal!).
So I'm not a resident of the US but I've got a US address to ship this to, if I'm lucky enough to win it! Thanks for the opportunity!

amber 9:48 AM, June 04, 2011  

How nice of Eric! I really need a tri bag. We are training for our first on the 19th of June. I looked pretty new carrying all of my stuff in a reusable Elmo shopping bag on Thursday at Tri night. Help them take me more seriously :-)

Dan Isaacs 9:55 AM, June 04, 2011  

I got this one. It's in the bag!

Chuck 9:59 AM, June 04, 2011  

I really need to start doing some open water swims - following the black line has been getting a little boring.

swimfin 10:02 AM, June 04, 2011  

I am doing the Trans Tahoe swim this year and the water is only 41* in the lake right now. No wetsuits allowed! Good luck to Rachel I think CdA is going to be cold this year!

crossn81 10:02 AM, June 04, 2011  

Some friends and I went to Nokomis last night. Definitly cool and was glad I had borrowed a wet suit, even if I couldn't get it zipped all the way up!

C 10:11 AM, June 04, 2011  

Creepy Twiggy person. Keep up the good work.

Luis Fernando Oliveira 10:17 AM, June 04, 2011  

Man, those US only give away gotta go! Please, count me in (I'll figure the sending it to Brazil issue later)

Lisa 10:20 AM, June 04, 2011  

I'm just getting back into the triathlon; would rock if I won the bag. :-)

Lesley 10:23 AM, June 04, 2011  

i like nice easy contests! thanks to Eric for the donation and you steve for facilitating!

I Pull 400 Watts 10:26 AM, June 04, 2011  


Comment commin at you!

Anonymous,  10:28 AM, June 04, 2011  


Greg 10:28 AM, June 04, 2011  

Hope the dishwasher smells better! One bag please! =)

Steve 10:34 AM, June 04, 2011  

Looks like a really nice bag! Sign me up.

Austin 10:36 AM, June 04, 2011  

avoiding the urge for a bag pun.

thanks for not giving away white briefs.

Michael 10:36 AM, June 04, 2011  

Count this comment in too, I need a swim/transition bag!

Lisa,  10:46 AM, June 04, 2011  

Wanted to make the swim but had to get kids on the bus. Water is cold right? Hope Buffalo is better 2 morrow!

Ironman By Thirty 10:46 AM, June 04, 2011  

I did a swim in 60* last week. It was take your breath away cold. It has already warmed up to 68* though for my race tomorrow.

Pattie Ekman 11:00 AM, June 04, 2011  

What a cool dude, that Eric! I'd love to have a cool bag like that. :)

Pattie Ekman

Dennis R.,  11:03 AM, June 04, 2011  

Send that bag down the Mississippi to me here in La Crosse. I have my first Tri next Sunday!

Pedal Pushing Patons 11:28 AM, June 04, 2011  

My first OWS is scheduled for next week. I sure could use a bag to transport my gear around! ~Cori

Laura 11:30 AM, June 04, 2011  

As a Canuck I sincerely thank you for including us in the draw...we are only polite for so long...

Melissa C 11:48 AM, June 04, 2011  

I leave for my first ows of the year in about an hour. First race of the season is tomorrow. This bag would really solve my huge mess/packing problem I am dealing with right now!

Laura (LunaChickRuns) 11:49 AM, June 04, 2011  

my first ows will be this monday. i am thinking it will be pretty chilly.
i really need a new tri bag, that one looks great!

LB 12:00 PM, June 04, 2011  

BRRR, it looks COLD!!! what was the water temp? guess i shouldnt tell you it was actually too HOT to wear a wetsuit today here in NC.

Kathy 12:06 PM, June 04, 2011  

I'd love a tri bag. Fingers crossed! Thanks to you and Eric.

TriEric 12:07 PM, June 04, 2011  

Tyr swim bag. Count me in on the contest.

Chris 12:07 PM, June 04, 2011  

That bag looks awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

Robert Lejeune 12:30 PM, June 04, 2011  

I could use a transition bag :) Thanks for the giveaway!

Tired Tim 12:42 PM, June 04, 2011  

Awesome! Glad to get a second chance at one of these!

Rob 12:49 PM, June 04, 2011  

I just moved from the Twin Cities to SF in February. That let me get my first open water swim in May 1. Glad to see it's warm enough to take a dip there now.

I've been holding out for a swimming bag . . . enjoy your blog!

Mollyapolis 12:56 PM, June 04, 2011  

When is that baby coming?

Julia D,  1:00 PM, June 04, 2011  

Enjoy the open water swimming!

I really really need a new swim/tri bag. Thanks Eric!

You Are A Runner 1:14 PM, June 04, 2011  

I need this bag like sugar and cream need coffee

ahettlinger 1:21 PM, June 04, 2011  

Enjoy the swim! My first tri is tomorrow!! That bag would be sweet.

Steve Miller 1:30 PM, June 04, 2011  

My first OWS was my first race this season. The water was 64 and the air was 58. I would actually call that perfect for a Sprint Tri.

Would love to win the bag.

TiGi 1:52 PM, June 04, 2011  

That sure is a nice bag!

Jumper 2.0 1:59 PM, June 04, 2011  

Even though, I could use one, I'm going to withhold from this giveaway since I won one from you recently.

Wait, by saying this, haven't I entered?

Wow, that's a conundrum.

Wingnut 2:12 PM, June 04, 2011  

I like new bags.......

Blyfinn 2:22 PM, June 04, 2011  

send it down my way.

Kevin 2:24 PM, June 04, 2011  

Ooh pick me pick me!!

Kristen 2:47 PM, June 04, 2011  

Doing a 1/2 marathon in the am - then onto tri training! Sprint in July and Oly in August!

Anonymous,  3:31 PM, June 04, 2011  

Pick me! Pick me!

Brian T. in SoCal

SMile4me03 3:54 PM, June 04, 2011  

Need a transition bag! Hope I win one of the contest one of these days! :)

SueM,  3:58 PM, June 04, 2011  

Sign me up! And when is Pharmie going to have that baby????

E-Tri-News 4:24 PM, June 04, 2011  

sign me up Mr. tutti fruty pants

Alex Chiu 4:34 PM, June 04, 2011  

Open water swims... I have been meaning to get back to that. I totally understand when the face hits the water and it's like BRR!!!!

Meg T 4:36 PM, June 04, 2011  

Wow! That was really nice of him to give this bag to someone else. I would use this bag soooo much!

Shelly 4:55 PM, June 04, 2011  

Would love to win this bag for my new adventure in triathlons!!

Anonymous,  4:57 PM, June 04, 2011  

Hi! I will be doing my first tri this year so it will be nice tu have a nice bag :-)


Katie 4:58 PM, June 04, 2011  

This is Katie from Minneapolis and having that bag will be great motivation to keep running after Grandma's in 2 short weeks!

Ian M. 5:02 PM, June 04, 2011  

Oh, want that. I enjoy your blog!

Laurie 5:03 PM, June 04, 2011  

I don't swim but could totally use the bag to haul around adventure racing gear!

Megan 5:04 PM, June 04, 2011  

This may sound stupid, but what is the difference between a regular bag and a tri bag? When I race, I bring all my gear in my gym bag, set it up, then throw the bag in the car. Do you keep this bag in transition? Either way, I guess leaving this comment is entering me into the giveaway. Maybe having one will make me see that I need one? Thanks Steve!

Andy W. 5:14 PM, June 04, 2011  

Man this would be a great addition to my gear, my TYR duffle bag is kinda cumbersome to carry around.

BrittanyHott 5:55 PM, June 04, 2011  

Please count me in. Brittany from Lancaster.

The Librarian 6:10 PM, June 04, 2011  

I wanna Win, I wanna win!!! :-)

Anonymous,  7:03 PM, June 04, 2011  

I would love to win the bag as it is already on my Christmas wish-list for this year. :)


Mike Moore,  7:14 PM, June 04, 2011  

great giveaway. Love the blog

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman 8:17 PM, June 04, 2011  

Those are my school colors! I'd LOVE it!!

Thanks Steve.

Anonymous,  8:20 PM, June 04, 2011  

I'd love the bag. It's time to get back in open water. 5 weeks until my first 70.3!

Alili 8:24 PM, June 04, 2011  

Yes Land's End tote bag lacks the cool factor and I promise to be a triathlete again someday!

Anonymous,  8:37 PM, June 04, 2011  

I could go for a new sack.
How about a non blogger winner?
Clinton in NC

Swimtaxi 9:08 PM, June 04, 2011  

My daughter could really use a new bag.

Melissa 9:15 PM, June 04, 2011  

Yeah for OW swimming! It really means summer is here!

I keep waiting to hit your blog and see a pic of a little Steve or Pharmie in a speedo :-)

Leahmsmith 9:19 PM, June 04, 2011  

Great bag! Hope I win!

JP 9:31 PM, June 04, 2011  

Here is my comment. Would love a new transition bag...Question is do I keep the new one and give the old one to the wife, or do I just give the new one to the wife?

Deanne 9:35 PM, June 04, 2011  

I'm training for my first triathlon and I don't have anything I need yet, except shorts. It would save me a bunch of money if I won this... and I wouldn't have to get Hubby's hand-me-down, either! :)

Krista 9:35 PM, June 04, 2011  

Throw my name in for the bag :) nice swim to start the season! I'm doing Escape from Alcatraz tomorrow and it's going to be a cold swim!

Trish 9:39 PM, June 04, 2011  

What a nice guy that Eric is :) You guys all look great!! It looks like you had a good, fun swim.

Mike 9:49 PM, June 04, 2011  

Pick me! I need a new bag. Thanks

Rachel Elizabeth 9:55 PM, June 04, 2011  

I could use one of those!!

Holly 9:55 PM, June 04, 2011  

Looks like a really nice bag--I could use that!

mjskas1 11:44 PM, June 04, 2011  

I could use a new bag!

Mark 12:13 AM, June 05, 2011  

I have to finish a du first before I even consider doing a tri. good luck with your Oly next Sat.

Chris and Amy 5:08 AM, June 05, 2011  

I would love to win a transition bag. Also, what goggles does Rachel wear? She doesn't have goggle eyes. I normally don't mind goggle eyes, hut when I swim right before work it's a little embarrassing. Thanks, Amy

Jim Smith II 6:50 AM, June 05, 2011  

Another reason not to do Triathlons - OWS's ;-)

Still the bag would be great for Du's...

Nathaniel 9:06 AM, June 05, 2011  

Hi Steve, I just did my first open water swim of the year too on Friday. Water is still cold here in Maine also but it's warming up every day. Thanks for the giveaway of another bag.

Dave H. 12:26 PM, June 05, 2011  

Please pick me! Please pick me!

Ms. Duffy 1:26 PM, June 05, 2011  

Yeah, put me in! And those pictures *look* like the water's too cold.

Tom P. 2:16 PM, June 05, 2011  

I had a race once in late Sept. Dove in and stopped breathing from the shock of the cold. Coldest. Swim. Ever.

And I'd like a bag please.

Theresa 4:21 PM, June 05, 2011  

This post makes me realize (ok, re-realize)two things: 1. I need to practice OWS so I don't panic again during my upcoming Tris. 2. I need a transition bag!

Anthony 4:30 PM, June 05, 2011  

Please add me to the drawing. -Anthony

Neophyte TriDuRun 5:49 PM, June 05, 2011  

Put my name in the hopper. Spectated my first tri this morning and I definitely got the bug. First tri is scheduled for Sept. 10!

Anonymous,  5:51 PM, June 05, 2011  

Jen from ohio wants to win the bag!!

Marcus Stromberg 6:10 PM, June 05, 2011  

I could really use a transition bag!!

marian 6:58 PM, June 05, 2011  

i have been procrastinating on that cold water swim!
and would love to win that bag!

John 7:35 PM, June 05, 2011  

Please pick me! Please!

Erin 7:37 PM, June 05, 2011  

Love to win the bag...count me in! I will be attempting my first OW swim (ever) in two weeks!

Kelly 8:29 PM, June 05, 2011  

I really need to get in some practice OWS. Had a tri today, and yes, the coldness took my breath away and couldn't get into m groove at all! Worse swim ever!

RunningLaur 9:12 PM, June 05, 2011  

it makes me cold just thinking about the OWS, while chilling on this lovely 102F day in Phoenix. brrrrr!

Dr. TriRunner 10:27 PM, June 05, 2011  


Thanks for the giveaway though, and thanks to your buddy Eric!

trimybest 12:08 AM, June 06, 2011  

thanks again for the swim. the water at buffalo was much warmer! tell pharmie to keep that baby in until after liberty!
see you there?!

oh and i guess i get an entry too :)

Rachel Wasserman 6:14 AM, June 06, 2011  

After racing Mooseman this weekend with a whole mess of cloth grocery bags to hold my stuff I definitely NEED a transition bag!

Anonymous,  6:40 AM, June 06, 2011  

Nice! Susan in Shoreview

TMB @ RACING WITH BABES 6:51 AM, June 06, 2011  

OWS totally freak me out. Sweet giveaway!

Mark 6:52 AM, June 06, 2011  

Sweet put me down for one.

Stina 6:57 AM, June 06, 2011  

Was bummed that I misssed the last one! Here's hoping! ;)

Noah 7:01 AM, June 06, 2011  

Count me in! Thanks for the giveaway Steve (and Eric)!

Anonymous,  7:33 AM, June 06, 2011  

I'd love to win a tri bag, it might just inspire me to try a tri!

All the best with the next baby (any day now, right?) Perhaps it will be today, which is my birthday woo woo!

-kevin l. in raleigh, nc

Bruther 8:15 AM, June 06, 2011  

Thanks for all the great give aways - now let me win one.

Kelly 8:32 AM, June 06, 2011  

Love your giveaways, Steve!! Thanks!

Shannon D,  9:01 AM, June 06, 2011  

I could really use a replacement for my old college bookbag that was ressurected as my transition bag for the last 4 years. Too bad I spend all my money on other fun toys...

Mary from Crystal,  9:19 AM, June 06, 2011  

Count me in please.

John Bonk 9:47 AM, June 06, 2011  

The guy next to me at Tri-Shark in Normal,IL actually had one of these this weekend. I would love one.

Deb Gaddis,  9:48 AM, June 06, 2011  

Enter me please - my current bag is getting grottie!

Deb from Iowa

Anonymous,  9:53 AM, June 06, 2011  

follower in Philly

Anonymous,  10:01 AM, June 06, 2011  

OOHHH I need a new transition bag!! Doing my first full iron this year!
T in SC

Lesser is More 10:28 AM, June 06, 2011  

Sweet! I always need another place to store all my junk.

Jennifer 10:55 AM, June 06, 2011  

Cold open water swims are NO fun

Kristin,  11:14 AM, June 06, 2011  

Wow, I would love to win that! I'm doing my first tri on Saturday and I'm getting nervous!

Luckily, the river shouldn't be as cold as your lake was -- brrrr!

Jan in Katonah,  11:17 AM, June 06, 2011  

Thanks for another give away. Count me in.

caasen 11:27 AM, June 06, 2011  

oh the water is not that cold :)
I could use a bag too!

Mule 11:48 AM, June 06, 2011  

Yay... count me in, I could use one of those guys!

Anonymous,  1:12 PM, June 06, 2011  

yay, finally a giveaway us canadians have a shot at winning!

- kyndra from vancouver

Christine 1:35 PM, June 06, 2011  

I would be interested! Thank you!

Tyler Ross 2:42 PM, June 06, 2011  

i'd LOVE a swim bag....everything else i use seems to develop (and hang on to) the awkward chlorine rank

Michael Søe 2:53 PM, June 06, 2011  

Hi there love ur blog
Hope u will ship it to Denmark if i win...

Eclectchick 5:15 PM, June 06, 2011  

Oooo, I'm so jealous! Wanted to get out to Square for a swim this weekend, but 'twas not to be. There's always next weekend. It'll be warmer then!

tinaparker87 6:45 PM, June 06, 2011  

I like the giveaway. My kid is starting to tri too!

Anna 7:57 PM, June 06, 2011  

oooooo pick me! pick me! I couuld use a nice transition bag! Thanks Steve! :)

Robin 8:21 PM, June 06, 2011  

I'm having my first OWS this Thursday. A new swim/Tri bag sure would be nice!

Jody 9:20 PM, June 06, 2011  

Thanks to you and Eric for the giveaway! I have been doing tris for 8 or 9 years now and am using the same old Eddie Bauer backpack I've had for 20 years as my transition bag.

And now I feel old.

Julie 9:38 PM, June 06, 2011  

Love the face!

Count me in for the giveaway...would love to get rid of the old back pack I'm using!

ozarktri 8:55 AM, June 07, 2011  

Good folk in in WI, giving away awesome stuff to people you don't even know. Thanks Eric and Steve!

Benson 9:24 AM, June 07, 2011  

Oh please, pappa needs a brand new bag.

Nelson 11:17 AM, June 07, 2011  

Oh my, you are about to be a dad!


Anonymous,  12:34 PM, June 07, 2011  

Darren in Wichita would like this bag! Thanks!

Cupboard Love 2:25 PM, June 07, 2011  

Oh wow, that was very nice of him!

Kristen 3:40 PM, June 07, 2011  

can i haz a tyr bag?

amybee 4:48 PM, June 07, 2011  

better to have a swimming bags than bags under my eyes.....Hope you are doing GREAT steve! (where is that baby?)

Steve Sander 4:57 PM, June 07, 2011  

I could use a new bag Steve. I'll trade you for all sorts of new parent knowledge and a cup of bike power.

*~*~* Tracy 5:31 PM, June 07, 2011  

I'm completely new to tri and would love to win this!

Matt 5:46 PM, June 07, 2011  

Oh, why not. I'm guessing that cold water would feel a lot better on a day like today!

Anonymous,  5:54 PM, June 07, 2011  

Being A Bruin fan I can't believe you mentioned canucks. But I'll still enter in the giveaway. GO "B"s!

Anonymous,  6:08 PM, June 07, 2011  

I'd love to win one :)

Spie 7:33 PM, June 07, 2011  

Let's trade! I'll give you the backpack diaper bag that I use to hold my triathlon stuff for your new baby and you give me a proper triathlon bag. :)

Badgergirl 8:06 PM, June 07, 2011  

Looks like a great bag! Throw my name in for a chance to win!

Dee Dee 8:36 PM, June 07, 2011  

The picture is worth 1000 words as to how cold it was! Wes and I went for our first open water swim and it was like swimming in pee it was so hot!

SixTwoThree 8:36 PM, June 07, 2011  

Ahh, it would be so nice to win the bag! Hope you pick me!!

Beth 9:11 PM, June 07, 2011  

You guys are brave swimming in Square Lake. I've been out to Baker several times this past week and can report that temps are comfortable- shouldn't be an issue for Liberty this weekend. Looking forward to seeing you there unless you are tending to a new baby! Hope I win the tri bag, too!

Andrew 9:49 PM, June 07, 2011  

Hey Steve! I'd love a bag!

Jr 10:02 PM, June 07, 2011  

My first OWS was at my first tri ever! I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE! Luckily, I didn't. Tanz fo da giveaway (Ebonix style....)!

carrieacampbell 10:24 PM, June 07, 2011  

Oooh! I'd love to have a swim bag!

Kirstin 4:15 AM, June 08, 2011  

Brrr...Wet suits in June? It must be MN!

Andy Koch 7:44 AM, June 08, 2011  

Doing my first tri in 2 weeks! Lots nervous, kinda excited!

Travis 8:24 AM, June 08, 2011  

Wetsuits are for wussies :o)

Megan 8:57 AM, June 08, 2011  

I have a swimmer friend with a birthday coming up who would love this. Does it make me lame that I'm looking to get her a present for $0 or considerate for thinking of someone else?

-- Megan, KS

Jim 9:06 AM, June 08, 2011  

Like your blog and love free stuff. A nice bag would be the bomb, not that I would ever put the a bomb in the bag because that wouldn't be nice. Thanks Steve!

Stefanie 9:33 AM, June 08, 2011  

You posted this giveaway on my birthday. That should count for something.
Definitely enter me in the TYR bag giveaway. I am jealous of my husbands and need a new gym bag that actually holds my swim gear!

Erin 9:33 AM, June 08, 2011  

I'm in it to win it!

K 11:19 AM, June 08, 2011  

I have to have that bag or I can never do another triathlon again.

Chris,  1:38 PM, June 08, 2011  

The buffalo swim course was also quite cold.


Pinkcorker (Renee) 2:16 PM, June 08, 2011  

I would love this bag! If I win this, it would be for my friend Shari, who does triathlons. She has had struggles financially this year. She could use some gear.

Kiley 4:03 PM, June 08, 2011  

I've been seriously considering doing a triathlon. The one thing stopping me - swimming. So maybe if I win this bag it will motivate me!!

Kiley 4:03 PM, June 08, 2011  

I've been seriously considering doing a triathlon. The one thing stopping me - swimming. So maybe if I win this bag it will motivate me!!

Megara,  4:22 PM, June 08, 2011  

Meg in Michigan would love a TYR bag!

evolving yeti 4:32 PM, June 08, 2011  

I am super out of shape, maybe this will motivate me?

Todd 5:50 PM, June 08, 2011  

Would love a new bag!

Anonymous,  8:10 AM, June 09, 2011  

Kris from Minneapolis/Oakdale Duathlon hopes its late to enter.

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