How The Act of Blogging Has Changed

>> Wednesday, June 15, 2011







ann 12:40 PM, June 15, 2011  

What a fun way to change! :)

lindsay 12:44 PM, June 15, 2011  

Congrats Steve and Pharmie!!

Ruth 12:54 PM, June 15, 2011  

awwww (sigh)....perfect!

Mule 12:55 PM, June 15, 2011  

SWEEET! Congratulations!

Jan,  1:01 PM, June 15, 2011  


Devon 1:33 PM, June 15, 2011  

Kermit must be pissed.

Congrats Steve & Sarah!

Flygal 1:40 PM, June 15, 2011  

Aw... Congratulations!

RobbyB 1:42 PM, June 15, 2011  

Hard not to keep from smiling, isn't it?

Chic Runner 2:12 PM, June 15, 2011  

YAY way to go PHARMIE! :) Congrats you two. :)

Theresa @ActiveEggplant 3:01 PM, June 15, 2011  

Sooo cute! Definitely a worth-while change. Congrats to you and Pharmie!

it's all about pace 3:05 PM, June 15, 2011  

life as you know it will be ever changed... for the better

tinaparker87 3:17 PM, June 15, 2011  

Congrads! How exciting.

Rachel 3:32 PM, June 15, 2011  

The baby's not going to lick you when you're sweaty, though.

And think about how much it's going to hurt to run a 10k with a Lego (tm) stuck in your shoe.

Congrats again on the healthy beautiful baby!

Julia 4:18 PM, June 15, 2011  

Oh Steve! A huge congratulations to you and Pharmie :-)
So happy for the three of you!!

Michael 8:18 PM, June 15, 2011  

Best.Change.Ever! Congratulations to you and Pharmie. Welcome, Henry!

trimybest 9:09 PM, June 15, 2011  

wow man thats really sweet!! it brings back some fantastic memories.

Alili 9:55 PM, June 15, 2011  

Best possible change. :)

Regina 10:37 PM, June 15, 2011  

And way more fatigued than any race!

stefanoSTRONG 1:27 AM, June 16, 2011  

great job brother! welcome in the papĂ  world!

Heather 6:33 AM, June 16, 2011  

Yeah! Congratulations! More than just blogging will change. :)

Neophyte TriDuRun 7:14 PM, June 16, 2011  

Congratulations Steve and Pharmie! Henry is a great name for a future Ironman!

Richelle 8:11 PM, June 17, 2011  

Haha! Love it!

BTW, thank you so much for mentioning my name to Kris. I enjoyed the ALARC Legends 10K and hope to run it again next year. I posted a race report about it on my blog.

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