Friday Funny 190: I Don't Know What to Think of This....

>> Friday, June 03, 2011

You probably haven't heard of And you were probably getting along just fine NOT knowing about it.

All of the images on that site are men who are COVERED (no one is NUDE), but it appears to be a bit of a fetish site for guys who like to see other guys in undies.

The "stat counter" on my blog tells me where people are coming from. A few weeks ago, I was getting hits from this site.

Oh boy.

I went to and found this post from mid-May called "Running in Lucky Tighty Whities." Here's a screenshot of that entry:


You do ONE RACE in your tighty whities, put some photos on the internet, and suddenly they're EVERYWHERE. Who knew? ;)

If you discovered my blog through, welcome. Make yourself comfortable. Just keep your pants on. Thanks.


Steve Stenzel 3:44 PM, June 03, 2011  

Oh, and let me be the first to say that I know it's been MORE than one race... I think I've done 5 races in tighty whities... ;)

kristen 5:14 PM, June 03, 2011  

This post just made my day. Love it :)

TriEric 12:09 PM, June 04, 2011  

And you are tellin' people to keep their pants on? He who supposedly writes his blog in a speedo.

Ha ha.

Jim Smith II 6:52 AM, June 05, 2011  

Oh my... Thanks Steve, that post killed me!

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