Tempo Run: Before and After Children

>> Sunday, June 26, 2011

I thought this could make for an interesting comparison. This is all based on actual events.


• Get to bed early the night before to be well-rested for a hard morning run.

• Have a decent breakfast.

• Decide that breakfast was too "hearty," so determine that it's better to do some grading or other prep for class and put off the run until a bit later in the day.

• Consume plenty of water all day.

• If needing to put-off the run until even later in the day, eat a decent lunch: chicken, sandwich with lots of spinach, etc.

• Before getting too hungry before the run, eat a pack of "Sharkies," a banana, or a Powerbar to keep hunger at bay.

• Change into running clothes, and stretch out any nagging areas (usually my heel).

• Loosen up nasty areas with a foam roller if necessary.


• Post run: stretch and roller most of the lower body.

• Consume recovery drink ASAP, and have a healthy high protein meal soon after.

• Get a decent night's sleep to help aid recovery.


• "OK, Pharmie and Henry are sleeping. I'm totally pooped, but now's my ONLY chance for a run."

• "Wait, I just had a piece of string cheese and a cookie.... oh f*ck it... I gotta go NOW!"


Here's the adorable reason why my running habits have currently changed:

Henry's first "real" bath at home (12 days old)

p.s. As expected, that string cheese and cookie combo sitting in my gut was not good. Not. Good. At. All. But I got in my run for the day, so I'll take it!


Robyn 1:28 PM, June 26, 2011  

Been there! From my recent Facebook archives: "The wrong order to do it in: (1) eat chicken with garlic ketchup sauce; (2) do intervals around the lake." Hey, kids went to bed early. It was my big chance! I am pleased to say there was no reappearance by the chicken, but only barely...

Dr. TriRunner 2:51 PM, June 26, 2011  

I'm sure you guys will get into a groove soon.... maybe. ;) Good LORD Henry is cute!!

Suzy 4:43 PM, June 26, 2011  

Sounds about right. Just remember, as soon as there is any routine Henry will throw the whole thing away and find a new routine for you. Aahh, the fun you are in for.

Ryan 8:23 AM, June 27, 2011  

Better get used to that "routine". I've learned that A. you stuff your face with food as fast as possible with kids. B. if you get free time, you better use it or lose it. C. If you want to train, be prepared to be uncomfortable with fatigue, full belly, heat of the day...etc. =)

I'M Tri-ing 8:40 AM, June 27, 2011  

This post descibed all my weekend training runs for Grandma's. If Henry is like any of my kids, the only routine they have is the one that goes against any training you may have planned out in advance.

bobbi 10:06 AM, June 27, 2011  

I no longer have babies (my youngest is 4) but my training runs STILL go that way. Whenever you have the opportunity, you are OUT THE DOOR, no matter how crappy your fueling was prior to that.

The only other way is to get up before dawn. I am not so good at that anymore...

tinaparker87 11:10 AM, June 27, 2011  

He is beautiful. Congrads. The time goes so quick. I blinked and my kid is 10! The triathlon life will always be there. When your kid says, "I want to do a tri." it is great!

Nobel4Lit 12:37 PM, June 27, 2011  

Ha ha... I'm imagining I'll be the same way when I have kids. And I will have those same eating issues because I have a sensitive stomach, too!

Ironmom (Julie) 7:38 AM, June 28, 2011  

I liked your blog before, but I can tell I'm going to like it a whole lot more in the post-Henry era. I mean, just the pictures alone...

cdnhollywood 8:20 AM, June 28, 2011  

Good on ya! And get used to it - it won't change for YEARS. Mind you, in saying that, it's fantastic getting rides and runs in the peace and quiet of 5am...and 10pm.

KT 10:13 AM, June 30, 2011  

We are living this as well. I think that I have become a better runner. BC (before children) I used to run and if I didn't feel great I could run a bit slower or cut it off a bit early because I knew that I would be able to run again very soon. Now, no matter how I feel I get my entire run in because there is no way to know when the next opportunity will present itself. And yes, 5 am is my chance to run often and I always take the opportunity if the baby is sleeping.

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